Ever seen a teenager who’s excited bubbly and seriously grave at the same time ? Doesn’t like to hang out and can spend a whole year in front of the Computer doing exactly nothing and getting bored to the very core but still not accepting that he is after all bored ? Keeps the side doors of the cabinet of his CPU open at all times for no apparent reason? Has a 5.1 Home Theater hooked up to his PC but still watches movies on his PSP?

Ever seen a teenager with an immortal fetish for computers and still not willing to change his 15 inch MITSUBISHI CRT monitor? Becomes a PETA activist (with clothes) whenever sees animals? A teenager who doesn’t understand music? Ever seen a teenager who doesn’t support any sports team? A teenager who knows what POSIX stands for but has no idea about the latest songs by Coldplay? Doesn’t care about the cleanliness of his room but for him defragmentation of the Hard Drive is something of utmost importance?

Suffers from Batteryphobia and wants each and every one of his devices fully charged even if that means refraining from using them in order to save battery? Has a complication known as Technosis? Wants to crack IIT but hates studying? Keeps the bass of the woofer at zero at all times? Dreams of winning TCS IT Wiz 2010 but without actually going on stage? Wants to make name in the Blogosphere but without posting anything?

Hates hypocrites and stereotypes? Doesn’t want the newspaper to finish? Dreams of having a packet of LAYS Magic Masala which never finishes? Wants to fall into a bottomless pit to see what’s at the bottom? Loves to crack PJ’s on which only a few select people laugh, not because it was of a level which other people can’t comprehend but because it was simply not funny enough? Likes to walk on the beaten track but with a new pair of slippers?

Delays work till the very last second and then finally gives up because there’s not enough time? Has his CBSE Board Science MCQ tomorrow but is still pressing Shift key and the first key left to it on the keyboard? Can eat 8 rotis but still not gain weight (eh?) ?

Let me spill the beans . Neither have I, and If you do find a teenager like that, please contact me at Mail@Pulkit.Me, I’d really be grateful. Not because you were able to find him but because you took the pain of telling that to me, stalker. 😛

23 thoughts on “Who is this Dolt person anyway?

  1. To the Dolt,
    The dolt is one way of describing yourself, but I completely agree, you are a dolt, a complete dolt.
    Also your introduction, don't you think it should be updated?
    Your poems are lovely. really, but I do not agree with the titles… and they are unconventional and have a style of their own and since you are already quite there on the "blogosphere", why not write more frequently?

    Keep Writing.

    PS.: I may not be able to read your reply because I might forget to check if you did reply or not.
    PPS: 🙂 You Dolt.

  2. I modeled this plugin off of the google directory or The open directory project and how that works is you make a category and then subcategories and then you put the sites in the subcategories. So on the add site form no categories will show up until you have added subcategories and the you would add a site for what ever subcategory you wanted that site to be in. I have a couple requests for a version that allows you to put the sites straight into the categories and not have subcategories. This would be for a smalled directory that didn’t need subcategories. I have started working on it and that version should be done this weekend! Hope that helps!

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It is way beyond awesome. No, wait………its way beyond LEGENDARY even. So you can just imagine how good a writer you are!!

    How come you have not written anything about HIMYM???? Write about our favourite sitcom please!

  4. hey! finally read ur blog n blive me i love d above stuff…its nice…..n ya i gt y u said d last part abt still nt gaining weigt,bt i guess sumthings cn nvr b made rigt bt dose very things make u d rigt guy[even if u r fat:P:P:P]

  5. I'm going to quote some Palahniuk at you.

    "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

    Deflate your head a bit. Labelling yourself a geek/nerd doesn't make you one. In fact, using Apple products directly contradicts your wannabe antics. Reading your description/posts made my soul throw up a bit. :[

  6. Nice and interesting. Hope you keep writing. You are the best blogger! Seriously…All your posts are really interesting to read.

  7. hey that was a pretty thought out blog and i am not writing in because you asked me to.Anyways way to go you geek and keep writing in . It makes me feel that life can be less boring more hopeful.

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