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Use Thinglink To Add Interactivity To Images: Review And Feature Set

This is a guest post by Namanyay Goel. Namanyay is a Graphic Designer and a blogger. You can read his blog here.  If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post.

Thinglink is a new tool for bloggers to add interactivity to their blogs.

“Thinglink tag editor lets you define interactive hotspots inside an image — from a THING (an object, a person, or a place) to a LINK (a shop, a blog post, or anywhere you like)”

Thinglink is an interactive tool that lets you add interactivity to images. Using Thinglink, you can link portions of  the image (things) to other sites, or give some informative text, or a music file (link).  Images can have multiple links added to them. Thinglink tool has to be added to websites (You can add it to Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and many other. WordPress instructions can be found below). To use it, you have to open Thinglink in a separate tab, and your website/blog in one tab. Then you can edit images to add interactivity.


The best feature of Thinglink is that you can advertise and earn money from your Images using Amazon Affiliate. Also, as it is not widely known, the factor of surprise and awe will be a lot more. It is very useful to Bloggers as –

  • It is an easy way to make people focus on what you want.  Tag “things” to descriptive text, or to a site, or some music, to get people’s attention.
  • It can act as multiple captions. Just tag your image, and you’re good to go. It’s also better than the traditional caption, as the traditional caption doesn’t allow music, or links.
  • It adds interactivity to your site. This means that users will spend more time on your site, thus decreasing your bounce rate.
  • If a person shares it, you earn a backlink. This is one of the best things about Thinglink. The images are easy to share and if you tag the image with your site’s name, you are sure to get a click.
  • It works on mobiles too.
  • You can add music to images: This is especially useful if you are promoting something. Music in images is synced with SoundCloud. Music can be embedded on Album art, posters, etc.
  • It’s Free!
  • No watermark.

How Can it be Used

  • To create party invitations. Just tag a cool photo with your address, name and time.
  • To give recipe instructions. Click a photo of your ingredients together (you should add the end product too) and tag them respectively. You can also link them using Amazon Affiliate, and earn some bucks if a user buys the ingredients through that tag.
  • You can share songs with a descriptive image: As already explained, it will help in promotion if you are going to perform a small stage show.
Another recommended tag is to yourself. To your blog/site, to your Facebook Page/Profile, to your Twitter Holder. This will ensure more publicity, as well as clicks, if users share the image.


    • Takes time to load.
    • Compatibility issues are a major roadblock for Thinglink as the images do not work on all web browsers.

Get Started

Now you know about it, Whwt are you waiting for? Christmas? Sign Up For Thinglink Now!
Once you have signed up and logged in, you can start using Thinglink.  Learn how to use it in WordPress, Blogger and many others on its instructions page.

WordPress Installation Instructions

Note: Thinglink currently works only with self-hosted WordPress blogs as doesn’t support third-party plugins.

1. Log in to WordPress admin (usually

2. Select Add New under Plugins in the left panel of your admin.

3. Search for “Official Thinglink Plugin” and install it.

4. After enabling the plugin, select Thinglink from Plugins menu and make sure Thinglink Id is filled in. If not, copy and paste your ID manually from My Account page.

6. Open your blog and start tagging your images by clicking the Edit tags icon. Remember to be logged into Thinglink in order to tag images.


My tags open partly outside images and get cut by site layout

You can force tags to open inside of your images, however in WordPress it is a bit more tricky:

1. Go to your WordPress admin page (usually

2. Select Plugins and find Thinglink Official Plugin from the list of installed plugins

3. Click Edit next to it

4. Editing file thinglink/rjw-thinglink.php find the following lines of code

__tlid = '{$thinglink_id}';
setTimeout(function ...

5. After

 __tlid = '{$thinglink_id}';

add the following line:

__tlconfig = {vOverflow: false, hOverflow: false};
To allow tag bubbles to open on the sides of the image, set hOverflow:true, and to allow them to open above the image, set
 vOverflow:true .

6. Click Update File and you should have your tags opening inside the images!

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TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

Opps! It’s 5th January today and this post was supposed to be published on 1st January but I have my excuses reasons for not publishing it when it was supposed to. But then, when something is supposed to happen, it is only supposed to happen and usually doesn’t. In Master Yoda‘s words “Rambling, I am”.

December 2010 turned out to be another good month for the blog and traffic increased by a small percent when compared to the traffic received in October and November. Just kidding, it went through the roof!

This month’s traffic report is a bit complicated because I switched from to in the middle of the month. This month’s report has been divided into 2 parts, viz, from 1st December to 10th December and from 10th December to 31st December.

The Stats

The blog received 24,619 Page Views in the month of December. That makes it an average of 794 Page Views per day for December. Way better than last month’s where the total Page Views stood at 14,852 amounting to an average of 495 Page Views per day. December also saw the blog raising the bar for maximum views in a day by getting 1,539 views on December 5th. The post which got 739 views on that day was Get Rid Of The “Revolving Images” Spam On Facebook. Thank you spammers 😉

The screenshots showing stats from December 1st to 10th are screenshots from while the screenshots from 10th to 31st have been taken from Google Analytics’s Dashboard.

December 1st to 10th

8464 views from December 1st to 10th.

TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

A comparison with past months and year.

December 10th to 31st

The following are the screenshots from Google Analytics. All my future traffic reports will now use screenshots from Google Analytics since doesn’t have a default stats system.

Some terms for my readers who don’t yet understand the meaning of some are given below. One thing is very surprising. The bounce rate of my blog is very low. Almost negligible. By the way, the lower the bounce rate, the better it is.

  • Pageviews: Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed on your site and is a general measure of how much your site is used. It is more useful as a basic indicator of the traffic load on your site and server than as a marketing measure.
  • Visits: The number of visits your site receives is the most basic measure of how effectively you promote your site. Starting and stopping ads, changing your keyword buys, viral marketing events, and search rank are some examples of factors that influence the number of visits your site receives.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce rate is a measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. You can minimize Bounce Rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.

The blog received 16,155 page views from December 10th to 31st. An estimated number of unique visitors which read the blog was 3,422. A user spent 2 minutes and 32 seconds on the blog on average and viewed 5 pages on an average. 85% of the 3,422 readers were those who opened the blog for the first time.

TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

The blog took a serious hit on Google after the shift to Pulkit.Me and it shows in the image below. Facebook has been a constant source of quality traffic. was a surprise to me. Traffic from iPodtouchFans went down though.

TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

I have not made any traffic goals per say for the first month of the year. I have just planned to blog more than last month and publish 25-30 posts in this month. May the force be with me 😉

Importing Blogroll From A Blog To A Blog

Remember when I shifted from to As I pointed out, the shift wasn’t as easy or smooth as WordPress/GoDaddy had promised it to be. Though I didn’t lose any content while shifting, I lost the all my widgets and my blogroll. Fellow bloggers might be able to empathize as to how difficult (or boring to be frank) it is to create a Blogroll from scratch. It isn’t as simple as copy pasting names and links  from one tab to the another. The links and all the names need to be crossed checked twice to make sure I don’t receive a hate mail from a fellow blogger who’s ingenious name (for instance Differently Sane) was linked to a blog named The Best Blog Ever.

To make a Blogroll I needed a level of Boredom which I had attained after I was finished with my class 10th Bored Examination. Sadly, I am too busy nowadays to be fortunate enough. So after procrastinating it for weeks I finally sat down to make the new Blogroll. I had barely copy-pasted 4 links before I found myself on TheOatMeal.Com, ROFLCOPTERING. Then perhaps a cat died somewhere or a monkey killed a cat while eating a banana but basically the cat had to die and therefore he/she (uncertain) died. Before taking out a minute of our busy lives for the cat I’ll tell you how you can easily import a Blogroll from a WordPress (.Com or .Org, doesn’t matter) to a or a Blog.

Importing Blogroll From A Blog To A Blog

Step 1: Go to the Admin Dashboard (the place from where you manage everything on your blog) of the blog in which you want to import the blogroll. Scroll down while looking at the left half of the screen a till you find Tools and under it Import. Click on Import. Alternatively, edit the following link to suit your need and then open it.

http://www.Link of the blog on which you want to import goes here/wp-admin/import.php

Example 1: http://www.Pulkit.Me/wp-admin/import.php

Example 2:

Once you’ve reached there, locate Blgroll and click it.

Step 2: users will not come across this option so they may give this step a pass. However, for users this is step is vital as this will install a plug-in, OPML Importer. After clicking Blogroll click Install Now on the new pop-up which you will see. Now wait for twenty or so seconds. Stretch your arms a little and get back to work again.

Importing BlogRoll Of A WordPress Blog To Another WordPress Blog

Step 3: Still with me? Good. If you’ve done everything right till here (which was nothing) you will see the following screen. Click Activate Plug-in and run importer.

Step 4: users will come to this screen (see below) after clicking Blogroll while users will come here after clicking Activate Plug-in and run importer. If users are not redirected to this page then go to Tools>>Import>>Blogroll.

In the field Specify an OPML URL enter the URL of the blog whose Blogroll you want to import. Now select Blogroll from the Category drop down menu and click Import OML File.

There you go. The import is now over. Just go to your Widgets page and do the required (dragging the links widget et al). Your Blogroll has been imported!

Now let’s spend a minute remembering the late cat whom you never knew and whom you have surely forgotten by now.

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A Successful Shift To From (And Lots Of News!)

News: This Blog (yes, this shitty blog) has been moved  to, the daddy of (my earlier host). You probably didn’t observe any change (except the domain perhaps) but this whole freaking thing is new! It’s on a new host. Now uses a different CMS (Content Management System or say noobikly, software). Has a new domain name [that long thing which has a dot (.) in it which you see in the place where you enter]. It now has plugins, advertisements and what not. The only thing that the blog misses now is a Vampire (unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t offer Vampires with its shitty service).

The Official Announcement

My old blog (oh I miss it, bah) was at (and is still there, you just don’t see it anymore). It has now been taken over by this website (http://Pulkit.Me). All the content is still there. Not one thing has changed. I had been using for a year and had planned to shift on my blog’s birthday but thanks to GoDaddy, I couldn’t. Seriously, if you are thinking of switching too and trying to find a host then look everywhere but GoDaddy. Had I had the choice I would have gone for either HostGator or BlueHost.

The New Domain

The new domain, Pulkit.Me, is not something that I had thought of buying. Actually, I don’t like this domain name at all but anyway, now that I have it I’ll have to live with it. The domain that I had thought of buying just blows people’s minds in most cases (except when people don’t have a mind). Even the thought of it gives me goosebumps. The domain that I had thought of buying was

Note: If it didn’t blow away your mind then no worries, just have some fun and have a blast while you are at it. It will blow your mind. If it still didn’t then you probably are one of those who don’t have a…Well, you did get my drift, didn’t you?

Then why didn’t I buy that domain? To say it subtly, it was just way too expensive. It was costing me about $35 or Rs 1500. 1500 bucks for a domain seemed too much then, but I now, when I look back, I think I should have bought it. The new domain was bought from JaoPapa GoDaddy, BTW.

The New Host

The host, or the company/website which is hosting my blog (keeping all the very very very important files on its server) is GoDaddy. And take my word, I don’t trust them. Fortunately, I don’t have to pay for hosting. Aditya Kumar who just shifted to himself, Xzhibit.Com, is sharing his hosting with me and paying for it. :)

The New Theme

Er..Well, the blog doesn’t have a new theme as of now but it was supposed to have one by now. I have spent hours trying to find a good theme but all of which I have seen till now are just not good enough. Those which are good enough are not free :/ But I will be changing the theme and will be using a premium one  (a paid one that is) for sure. Hold your horses because it might take some time. If you know of a good theme can you not be such an a-hole and please give the link in the comments?

Whatever Happened To TheDolt.WordPress.Com?

As I mentioned before, it is still there, you just don’t see it. I bought this upgrade from called Offsite-Redirect. What it does is, it redirects all the users which may happen to open my old blog, be it by clicking a link on some website or directly entering the old name in their browsers. The old blog’s links are still shown in Google and other search engines but I think they are there to stay. This upgrade didn’t even made me lose all the link-backs (or the lack of) that my old blog accumulated over time. My presence on search engines has not been affected as well. According to me, the money spent on buying the upgrade was money well spent. The upgrade just rocks. The moment I was finished paying and pressed redirect, the upgrade kicked in and started diverting my traffic.

How Was The Whole Switching Process?

To sum up in one word, it was disappointing. I had expected it to be easy and quick. Had it been difficult it wouldn’t have been a problem but it didn’t turn out to be quick and that’s THE problem. Every small change required 10-15 minutes of waiting. And when it didn’t work out the way I wanted I had to make the changes again thus repeating the whole process. It was GoDaddy at fault everywhere. Finally when GoDaddy stopped being a PITA came along and ruined my day. The XML (or WXR) file that I had exported from my refused to transfer images that I had spent hours uploading on my old blog. still showed the images but they linked to my old blog which if not wrong was not what I wanted. So after wasting a few hours on it I finally got it working.

I see that this paragraph bored you. Just imagine the level of my boredom while I was going doing all this (typing the paragraph is included).

How Much Did All This Non-sense Cost Me?

There’s nothing known as a free lunch. Accept that. It just doesn’t exist. I could have opted for one of the free hosting websites but I don’t trust them. They can shut down whenever they want. No notice given before hand, just plain shut down. It’s like the BSOD on Windoze. Aditya Kumar came to my rescue and bought a 2 year Grid Deluxe Hosting for himself which supports upto 5 websites. He gave one out of the 5 to me. That reminds me, I still need to give him a treat.

Hosting is in most cases the most expensive buy but I didn’t have to pay for it, YAY ME! I still paid for the domain, $8.99 for a .Me domain and $12 to for Offsite Redirect upgrade. That’s roughly $20 or Rs 1000. Trust me, it’s a steal.

Hey, wait! There’s A Thank You Speech Too!

This new blog that you see here (it’s still shitty, by the way) couldn’t have been here had it not been for Aditya Kumar, Ankur Banerjee and Pritesh Gupta (its in alphabetical order Pritesh, now stop crying). I would have shifted months back if I had access to a credit card but sadly I still don’t and to buy either a domain, or hosting or an the Offsite Redirect upgrade one needs either a Credit Card or a PayPal account (which requires a PAN number :/). Pritesh Gupta came to my rescue here and bought everything for me. I still have to pay him back though. Plus, he also helped me set up the blog. I cannot thank him enough. Ankur Banerjee being the tech guy took his duty as the troubleshooter. He mended a few things concerning to the DNS and a few others which I didn’t knew even existed. To speak like Master Yoda

Nice guy, he is.

Aditya however was the one who helped most. Though a little slow in replying to messages, email and phone calls he helped me a lot 😀

PS: This was the big announcement, just in case you didn’t realize tubelight. 😛

PPS: Pritesh has so many websites I got confused which one to link. But I think this is least I can do (by giving him a backlink). Here is his website 1, website 2, website 3 and finally website 4.

WordPress Gets A New Stats Graph

If you are a blogger then you can probably empathize with me on how it can become an obsession to visit the stats page of your Blog. Sometimes you know you checked it a few minutes back but just can’t stop yourself from landing on that page.

On WordPress Blogs (.com at least) they used to have this good great looking graph which used to show your stats according to Days, Weeks, Months and even a had a joke: Humanize. Today, I noticed a slight change. Everything is still there lest the graph. The old graph has been replaced by a graph. The new graph  looks hideous when compared to the old one. Of course it does serve the purpose and apparently is better at doing that but, I repeat again, it looks hideous. It isn’t even as interactive as the old one!

The new stats graph

The new stats graph

The old one, in case you have forgotten it (damn you) used to look like this. Oh I miss you Graph!

Dear old graph,

Why didn’t you break the new one’s vertices and edges?

The old WordPress graph. RIP.

The old WordPress graph. RIP.

I am not exactly sure as to why the Guys at WordPress changed the design but a good thing (and thus the reason to write the post) which has happened is that, now, unlike sometime back I can see a graph on my iPod Touch!

The new graph. Looks a bit odd, doesn't it? Looks like a grpah.

The new graph. Looks a bit odd, doesn't it? Looks like a graph.

Do you like the new graph?

UPDATE: This is not the first that the graph has been changed.

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Change Font [TypeFace] and Font Color on Blogs




You can change fonts using HTML it’s not fiddly and is definitely worth the hassle. but keep reading :) Blogs may give you countless features when it comes to customizing and writing but one of the options which I personally (I bet you too) have been personally missing is the ability to write in custom fonts. In fonts that I like. In font(s) that is/are different than which everybody uses. I’m not telling you to write all your posts in Comic Sana MS (yes, I have seen Blogs which use this font) but once in a while its fun.

Now, writing is custom font [TypeFace] is not possible on Blogs unless you buy TypeKit upgrade. Of course it gives you hell lot of other options (changes font globally) but then also has a price tag and forces you to choose at most 2 fonts (unless you go for professional package). Here is the trick to write in any font, in any color on any Blog. It is simple though everything has to be done manually.

Open the Edit Page of any existing post or create a new post and switch over to the HTML Editor. Now copy paste the following code there and switch back to Visual Editor again. It works, right?!

[sourcecode language=”html”]<span style=”font-size: large;”><span style=”line-height: 20px;”>&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span style=”font-size: 12pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Jokerman;”&gt;FTW!&lt;/span&gt;</span></span>[/sourcecode]

The HTML code that you see above does all the trick. The code is important because it is recognized by unlike all other codes that I have tried using ( either filters them out or makes changes in them.

WordPress has a guide to changing Font Size and colour but it is useless since when it comes to changing size it offers only a handful of sizes. On the other hand this trick lets you choose your own size.

Here is how you write using custom fonts (TypeFace) in colors that you want unlike the black that offers. See the format:

<p><span style=”color: COLOR HEX CODE HERE:font-size:SIZE GOES HERE, IN NUMBERSpt;line-height:HEIGHT GOES HERE, IN NUMBERS%;font-family:FONT NAME HERE;”>*WRITTING PART GOES HERE*</span></p>

Some Color Hex Codes (color names can also be used)

Black: #000000 Gray: #808080 Silver: #C0C0C0 White  #FFFFFF
Navy: #000080 Blue: #0000FF Teal: #008080 Aqua: #FFFF
Purple: #800080 Maroon: #800000 Red: #FF0000 Fuschia: #FF00FF
Green: #008000 Lime: #00FF00 Olive: #808000 Yellow: #FFFF00

See full list of Hex Codes here.

Ignore the *. Use everything as it is. Here is the Source Code for the written material in the starting of the post

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>&lt;span style=”font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Niagara Engraved;”&gt;FTW!&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>&lt;span style=”font-size: 25pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Jokerman;”&gt;FTW!&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>&lt;span style=”font-size: 50pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Wst_Swed;”&gt;FTW!&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>&lt;span style=”font-size: 50pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Wingdings;”&gt;TheDolt&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>&lt;span style=”color: #ff0000; font-size: 25pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Wingdings;”&gt;TheDolt&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>&lt;span style=”color: #cde472; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: AGaramondPro-Italic;”&gt; &lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”html”]<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>&lt;span style=”color: #cde472; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: AGaramondPro-Italic;”&gt;TheDolt&lt;/span&gt;</p>[/sourcecode]

Have fun!

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WordPress 3.0-Thelonious

Like This!

The thirteenth major release of (I pay for hosting) is out now. The beta versions of WordPress 3.0 has been out for a while now but the guys at have now fixed all known bugs and released the final Version of WordPress 3.0 . You can upgrade to 3.0 right from you Dashboard or new users can download it from here

Some new notable features :

  • 1.217 bug fixes and feature enhancements.
  • New default theme Twenty Ten.
  • Theme developers now have new APIs which allow them to easily implement custom backgrounds, headers, menus(no more file editing), shortlinks, post types and taxonomies.
  • WordPress and WordPress MU have been merged so you can now make a community of blogs or a single blog with just one installation, no more hassles or installing the other.
  • Lighter interface with contextual help on every screen.
  • Ability to set the admin username and password during installation.
  • Support for shortlinks.
  • Allow “No role for this blog” to be chosen in Users->Add New panel (why would anyone need this?)

For a more comprehensive look at everything that has improved and features that have been added in WordPress 3.0  you can check out WordPress 3.0’s Codex page or the long list of issues in Trac.

This three minute video explains each and every feature. [Watch in HD if you can, there are Easter eggs (I’m not sure, haven’t seen any)]

PS: I have no idea why I wrote this post when I don’t give a damn about WordPress 3.0 . I want it but can’t afford hosting (at least not now).

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WordPress, Don’t you care if Twitter is down?

Either something is wrong with or I need to stop Blogging. You read my last post, #whiletwitterwasdown, did you? I wrote that post after I reliased that twitter is down. The stats on my Dashboard tell me that I didn’t even get one view on that post, leave alone a comment. Well, I published the post. Pasted links on Facebook and on my Blog’s Fan page on Facebook. Then how is it possible that I didn’t even get one damn view?!

The only reason I can think of is that is not showing me stats for a post that was published 19 hours ago is because of the title starting with a # and followed by words without ‘space’ in between them resulting in meaningless title (at least for computers).

I have now changed the Title from #whiletwitterwasdown to While Twiter Was Down.

This was one post from which I was expecting some traffic to come but alas.

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Social Bookmarking for Blogs

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog then you must have noticed the new Social Bookmarking plugins (Twitter, Digg, Stumble upon, Facebook at al) at the end of my posts. This allows readers to easily share the content of that particular post on the Internet by posting it to social not-working sites easily with usually only a couple of clicks. Getting this kind of plugin is a piece of cake if you have a (self-hosted) Blog but not possible(until now) if you have a Blog like mine. I found it while searching for a Twitter retweet plugin for my blog. I must say I am pretty impressed with the functioning and ease of use with the Social Bookmarking plugin that I am currently using. I received a quite a few mails asking how I got it. So here’s a guide to adding Social Bookmarking for Blogs.

Social Networking
GetSocial as it is termed by its developer(s) gives you cartloads of options considering a.)It’s free b.)No other plugin like this is available for Blogs. The user has two options while using that plugin

  1. Download a small application on your Computer (Windows only, maybe they don’t know what Linux is), install it and start using.
  2. The have recently started this Live feature which gives you the option if using it without downloading and installing on your machine.

Most users would opt for the Live feature (I used to use the desktop application but have now switched over to the Live one).

The procedure is pretty simple. Follow the following procedures to get a social bookmark tab which I use;

  1. Publish your post (works without publishing too) on which you plan to use the GetSocial Social Bookmarks.
  2. Open the GetSocialLive Website in a new tab in browser.
  3. Copy the Title of the post for which you want the bookmarks and paste it in the required column on the GetSocialLive website.
  4. Copy the permalink (permanent-link) of the post. Permalink is nothing but the link which directs towards your post. It can be found just below the Title of your post while editing or you can get it by right clicking on the title of the post once you have published it and selecting copy link location and paste it in the required box at the website.
  5. Choose the style that you want. I use Design.  Design Mini is same, just a little smaller.
  6. Click Get Social.
  7. In the box below the button which you clicked HTML lines will appear. Copy it.
  8. Open your post in the editor. Select HTML if Visual is selected. Go to the end of the post and paste the HTML there and update your post.
  9. Voila! You are done.

I needn’t have explained the process. It’s damn easy. Anyway, now let’s have a look on the options one gets.

There are 5 designs available as of now. A preview of the bookmark is shown after you select it.

Classic, Design, Design Mini, Mini and Text Links provide you with Add to; Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati | Yahoo Buzz | Newsvine

You can also get a Facebook Like button and Google Buzz button for your Blog. I’m planning to get the Facebook like since many of my readers are referred through Facebook.

This is the best which I could find for Blogs. If you have any suggestions/alternatives please reply.

I know it looks like PITA to update it for every post but trust me, it aint that bad. Just 4 clicks and you have the Social Bookmark on your post!

PS: WordPress refuses to make the ‘P’ of WordPress in the title small.

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Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey

Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey

Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey

The image above is a screenshot which I took earlier today. Besides the large number of open tabs what do you see? Yes, you are bang on target! Wait! But we see false messages like this on website which are not good enough to surf right? Then what is that thing, the line, doing there?

WordPress now has to fool it’s users in order to get feedback. Now we get hoax messages right on our WordPress dashboard! What do you expect when you get a message something like”Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey :)” The first thing that came to my mind was that WordPress was hacked. The second thought that came to my mind was that WordPress is giving me something for free, for instance free hosting. But what I actually won was a survey! I ask you all! Have you ever been as lucky as I was today? Have you my friend ever been lucky enough to win a survey?

WordPress no doubt wanted to make a fool out of its users. The sentence has been beautifully crafted in order to deceive us and save the as***s of WordPress employees as well. But the point is, was it required? I’ll not say much here but rather leave to you, my readers. Please leave your views as comments.

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