TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

Opps! It’s 5th January today and this post was supposed to be published on 1st January but I have my excuses reasons for not publishing it when it was supposed to. But then, when something is supposed to happen, it is only supposed to happen and usually doesn’t. In Master Yoda‘s words “Rambling, I am”….Continue Reading “TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010”

My blog completed its first year 4 days back on 27th November It turned one! Even though it might have gone unnoticed and you might not still give a damn but it is an achievement. I couldn’t write a post that day because of a shitty Chemistry Monday Test which went well, by its name,…Continue Reading “TheDolt’s Blog’s 2nd Monthly Traffic Report: November 2010”