This is a guest post by Nadia Jones who blogs at accredited online colleges about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at  If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post. With the dawning of the digital era, printed texts and written books…Continue Reading “Lending Books To Friends- How to Share Your Kindle Buys”

Apple’s iCloud seems to have intimidate the folks at As a part of a 50 day promotion, is offering free 50 GB Cloud space on their servers and an increased upload file limit size of 100 MB to all iDevice users. The 50 GB is not be limited to one’s iDevice, and users…Continue Reading “Get 50 GB Cloud Space And An Increased Upload Limit Of 100 MB On”

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Thanks to some random genius (probably from an IIT himself) we can now check everyone’s  IIT-JEE 2011 Results by name, rank or Roll Number provided the candidate secured a rank in the Joint Entrance Examination. All you need to do is visit and enter either the name or the rank or the roll number of the candidate…Continue Reading “Know IIT-JEE 2011 Results by Name, Rank or Roll Number”

Importing BlogRoll Of A WordPress Blog To Another WordPress Blog

Remember when I shifted from to As I pointed out, the shift wasn’t as easy or smooth as WordPress/GoDaddy had promised it to be. Though I didn’t lose any content while shifting, I lost the all my widgets and my blogroll. Fellow bloggers might be able to empathize as to how difficult (or…Continue Reading “Importing Blogroll From A Blog To A Blog”

Ever tried going through your old status messages? Try it, it’s fun and needless to say you will feel nostalgic. One problem with Facebook is that it doesn’t let user get a list of all his updates unlike Twitter. To see your old status updates, either you have to click “Older Posts” on your wall…Continue Reading “Get A List Of All Your Facebook Status Updates With "My Status History"”


If you use the Namoroka version of Firefox then chances are that Facebook might not be showing you the option to chat (i.e go Online/Offline). Mind you, it has nothing to do with Facebook blocking you from using chat, it is because Facebook doesn’t recognize Namoroka as a browser good enough to support Facebook chat….Continue Reading “Namoroka And Facebook Chat (Solved!)”

Check besides your username

As I announced in my last post that I have now gone Open Source and will not use Windows unless I am forced to do so. I was prepared to face some problems and also type commands in the Terminal. One of the very first problems that I came across was syncing my iPod with…Continue Reading “Sync/Extract Your iPod’s/iPhone’s/iPad’s Music Library On Ubuntu Without Using iTunes”