Pirate Island (Hai Tac) – Why It Is A Destination for Travellers Not Tourists

Hai Tac or the Pirate Island can be described as follows: An archipelago of 16 islands inhabited by pirates till the 1990s. Hidden away gold is claimed to be buried around the island and several seekers come every year to try their luck. As a traveller it’s an island where no one speaks English, no…Continue Reading “Pirate Island (Hai Tac) – Why It Is A Destination for Travellers Not Tourists”

Before I take you through the must-dos, can-dos do, and do-not-dos, it is essential to ascertain why a pre delivery inspection check is crucial. Your dealer offers you a seat, talks to you about the specifications, offers you an already paid for coke which you (hence) willingly accept, tells you that EFI issues have been…Continue Reading “Pre Delivery Inspection Guide for your Royal Enfield”

Social Media: Why it Matters For Your Business

It’s not news that social media has taken the online marketing world by storm. It’s become one of the most sought after mediums to reach out to your target audience and grow your business “socially”. If your business isn’t leveraging social media, then you’re leaving some serious money on the table. However, since this medium…Continue Reading “Social Media: Why it Matters For Your Business”