This is a guest post by Amber. She show us a great example of an educational video game to spur creative thinking: free credit card simulator by Credit card Finder. It teaches kids (and adults) on how to sepnd money wisely and turns learning into fun!  If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be…Continue Reading “Free and Fun: How Video Games Can Help Students Learn”

Get 6 million dollars in NFS Shift

Finding cheats for iPod and iPhone games are PITA. I don’t know why but none of the games have Easter Eggs or cheat codes. The games who have cheats forces you to first complete the game before giving you options to cheat. For some players that is fine but for some like me, that ain’t…Continue Reading “Need For Speed: Shift Cheats (NFS) for iPhone and iPod touch”

Fine, I confess. Though I’ve stopped playing Mafia  Whores Wars. I still like it a lot. I used to play it all day, sacrificing on my gym, studies, friends and lots more. I wanted to stop but just simply couldn’t! So one fine day, I thought OK done finish, today I won’t play that game….Continue Reading “Mafia Wars tips and tricks,bugs exposed,and lot more…”