However far fetched, unbelievable and preposterous it may seem at first but trust me it is possible to get free pizzas from Domino’s/Pizza Hut. Quite obviously it is possible only if you know the trick(s) behind the magic. Tens of times I have updated my Facebook status pertaining to I-Got-A-Free-Pizza-For-No-Reason and have been bombarded with…Continue Reading “Get Free Pizzas From Domino’s/Pizza Hut”

I know you love this shitty Blog. Even I do. I know this Blog gets lot of traffic. Even I get (i.e road Traffic). But seriously lurkers (there, I said it!) there was no need to honor me in this way. You ask which way? See here (yes, you have to click it tubelight). Now…Continue Reading “My Name Is A Term on Urban Dictionary *Blushes* *Blushes Some More*”

TOI's and Hindu 'talking' Volkswagen Advertisement;The Black audio box dissected #1

Probability says that you must have already seen the black audio box that came along with your newspaper yesterday ( September 21, 2010) and have heard the voice of a man talking about the Volkswagen Vento. This latest innovation in advertisement media done by DDB Mudra is being touted as the most innovative advertisement ever….Continue Reading “Perhaps The most Innovative Advertisement Ever; TOI’s And Hindu’s "Talking" Volkswagen Vento”

This is is the second and last post of the series. You can read Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! Part #1 here. it is highly recommend that you read that before starting with this. Not that it would help, it would be considered nice on your side. Dolty is getting eager and…Continue Reading “Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! 😉 Part #2”

Firstly I apologize for not coming up with something interesting for the heading; those who are unaware: This was also my Facebook status (sorry, can’t link, all my status are protected for privacy purposes). Now coming to the point, I am now the Vice-President of Code Wars. I don’t think you have any idea how…Continue Reading “Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! 😉 Part #1”