With my Open Letter To facebook, I had made it pretty clear that facebook was anything but stable. Since then, they have improved by great deal. So much so, that they have now even started predicting the future. If my sources are to be believed, then, this idea struck Mark Zukerberg while he was busy behaving…Continue Reading “Facebook Creates A Time Machine! Tells Me My Password Was Changed ‘Tomorrow’”

Remember the time when the revolving/rotating images spam was started on Facebook, how it spread like forest fire and how finally, thanks to a reader of my blog, I was able to write a post on how to get rid of it? Apparently, it doesn’t seem my like my Open Letter To Facebook made a…Continue Reading ““I can’t believe you’re in this vid” And “Why are you tagged in this video” Spam On Facebook: Reported And Shown In Action”

I have mentioned earlier about the revolving images spam on Facebook. I also wrote a post on how to get rid of it. But yet another problem has arisen. The Revolving Images Spam is no more only the Revolving Images Spam. It has now taken various forms. One is: The following websites now also house…Continue Reading “The Revolving/Rotate Images Spam Is Spreading Like A Forest Fire On Facebook”

Facebook today changed it’s default font. It has been replaced by a more elegant, darker, smaller and easy to read font. The name of the font is still unknown and I can’t be bothered enough to make a copy of that font, upload it on some website which might recognize the font after making me…Continue Reading “Facebook Changes Font For Status Messages, Wall Posts, Comments and Basically Everything Else”

Ever tried going through your old status messages? Try it, it’s fun and needless to say you will feel nostalgic. One problem with Facebook is that it doesn’t let user get a list of all his updates unlike Twitter. To see your old status updates, either you have to click “Older Posts” on your wall…Continue Reading “Get A List Of All Your Facebook Status Updates With "My Status History"”