We all have entered some weird stuff while trying to pass CAPTCHAs/reCAPTCHAs. CAPTCHAs are still fine; they aren’t sadists. But reCAPTCHAs? Oh boy, they are like pissed Nazi soldiers at a torture camp. They will do anything to make your life hell and then some more, just for the heck of it.  Ergo, more often that…Continue Reading “The Awkward Moment When You Are Expected To Solve A reCAPTCHA – In Hindi”

Remember the time when the revolving/rotating images spam was started on Facebook, how it spread like forest fire and how finally, thanks to a reader of my blog, I was able to write a post on how to get rid of it? Apparently, it doesn’t seem my like my Open Letter To Facebook made a…Continue Reading ““I can’t believe you’re in this vid” And “Why are you tagged in this video” Spam On Facebook: Reported And Shown In Action”

This is is the second and last post of the series. You can read Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! Part #1 here. it is highly recommend that you read that before starting with this. Not that it would help, it would be considered nice on your side. Dolty is getting eager and…Continue Reading “Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! 😉 Part #2”