Alienware M17X discontinued EOL

I just got off the phone with a sales executive from Dell and have the most weird expression on my face right now. Read on to know why. I am planning to buy a gaming notebook (more on that later)  and had decided on the Alienware M17XR3 3D and was about to place my order…Continue Reading “Dell Declares Alienware M17XR3 and XPS 17 3D End Of Life (Discontinued) in India”

With my Open Letter To facebook, I had made it pretty clear that facebook was anything but stable. Since then, they have improved by great deal. So much so, that they have now even started predicting the future. If my sources are to be believed, then, this idea struck Mark Zukerberg while he was busy behaving…Continue Reading “Facebook Creates A Time Machine! Tells Me My Password Was Changed ‘Tomorrow’”

Charles works for a company writing epic reviews, Epic Commissions where he shares Epic Commissions review. He occasionally shares tips on buying winter coats for women as well.  If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post. 205 inch – Technovision’s Luxio LED TV This particular newbie company, Tecnovision, arrived…Continue Reading “4 Of The World’s Biggest Televisions”

  New Delhi just experienced an earthquake which according to certain n()()bs news channels was measured 6.6 on the Richter Scale. And at times like these you realise how awesome XKCD is. Confused? Let me explain. I was blogging when everything started shaking. It was uncanny. Being my geeky self, rather than throwing my laptop…Continue Reading “Earthquake in New Delhi. Epic Win for XKCD.”

I know you love this shitty Blog. Even I do. I know this Blog gets lot of traffic. Even I get (i.e road Traffic). But seriously lurkers (there, I said it!) there was no need to honor me in this way. You ask which way? See here (yes, you have to click it tubelight). Now…Continue Reading “My Name Is A Term on Urban Dictionary *Blushes* *Blushes Some More*”

After stumbling upon Demonoid at the right time and getting an account I stumbled on to RapidShare a few minutes back and got a free Premium account! (Actually I made 7 accounts). Just go to RapidShare’s Homepage and register! It is currently free of cost, no credit card, nothing. It took me 20 seconds to…Continue Reading “Create your Premium RapidShare Account now – It’s free!”