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This is a guest post by Ajeet Khurana who runs blogs like as,,and If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post. Many people start a website and think it will immediately appear on every search engine that is available on the web.  Those of you who are…Continue Reading “What Are Keywords Used For?”

  This is a guest post by Musa. He is a freelance writer and internet marketer, and enjoys writing about many diverse and wonderful topics. His current project involves writing about hosting.  If you would like to write forTheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post. You may have just started your own…Continue Reading “Web Hosting And Some Tips for Setting up A Successful Website”

  Diasposra, a relatively new social networking website several dubbed as the Facebook killer, is finally out for some select users and thanks to @Suw I too now have an account on it. The word Diaspora is derived fromthe Greek word διασπορά which means the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland….Continue Reading “Free Diaspora Alpha Invites [Unlimited Invites]”

TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010

Opps! It’s 5th January today and this post was supposed to be published on 1st January but I have my excuses reasons for not publishing it when it was supposed to. But then, when something is supposed to happen, it is only supposed to happen and usually doesn’t. In Master Yoda‘s words “Rambling, I am”….Continue Reading “TheDolt’s Blog’s 3rd Monthly Traffic Report: December 2010”

Importing BlogRoll Of A WordPress Blog To Another WordPress Blog

Remember when I shifted from to As I pointed out, the shift wasn’t as easy or smooth as WordPress/GoDaddy had promised it to be. Though I didn’t lose any content while shifting, I lost the all my widgets and my blogroll. Fellow bloggers might be able to empathize as to how difficult (or…Continue Reading “Importing Blogroll From A Blog To A Blog”

News: This Blog (yes, this shitty blog) has been moved  to, the daddy of (my earlier host). You probably didn’t observe any change (except the domain perhaps) but this whole freaking thing is new! It’s on a new host. Now uses a different CMS (Content Management System or say noobikly, software). Has a…Continue Reading “A Successful Shift To From (And Lots Of News!)”