Top 10 Photo And Video Apps For The New iPad aka iPad 3

This is a guest post by Kate. She is fond of reading, writing and travelling. Recently she read an article on samsung series 9 review. These days she is busy writing an article on samsung galaxy y s5360 review for her blog.  If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest…Continue Reading “Top 10 Photo And Video Apps For The New iPad aka iPad 3”

Today, I finally got my hands on this app called Kopfnuss that I have wanted for quite some time now. Kopfnuss is a mental arithmetic training app and  a few minutes of  Kopfnuss every morning would undoubtedly make your mental arithmetic (maths) considerably faster. Kopfnuss has 2 game modes, exercise and time trial. Exercise There’s no time limit….Continue Reading “Kopfnuss-App Review [AppStore]”

no google adsense

I’ve seen people take up blogging to earn money from AdSense. Even before writing their first Blog post (they don’t blog for too long as they give up after 10-20 posts) they try to collect information on Adsense. This is wrong, at least in my eyes. It’s a totally personal opinion, no offense. I started…Continue Reading “Who needs AdSense?”