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Make Calls From Your iPod Touch

Yes….it is possible, and I’m not talking about VOIP.

If you have an iPod touch, don’t have a phone, don’t want to buy a phone or want to make calls from your iPod Touch then Yosion’s Apple Peel 520 is the product (not software) for you.

The apple peel is kind of like a case which transforms your iPod into a nearly functional iPhone. It contains a battery, dock connector and SIM card reader that enables voice calls.

But don’t get too happy because it has its flaws. Incoming phone numbers don’t appear most of the time, ringtones cannot be customized, incoming calls do not light up the iPod touch display and one of it’s major problems is that you can’t send a message to multiple recipients. Another problem not relating to it’s performance is that it makes your slim iPod touch much more fat. Maybe even a little fatter than a 2nd Gen iPhone.Now let’s see the other side of the coin, what can it do…It does everything it advertises very well. You can make/receive calls, send/receive messages but only to one recipient at a time and it also extends your battery life so you get 4more hours of calling and 120 hours of standby time more.

But the catch is, that you have to jailbreak your iPod for it, this is not actually a ‘catch’ any more because now jailbreaking is legal but we will have to wait some time for the new iPod touch (4th gen with the camera and Retina Display) to get compatibility because it can’t be jailbroken right now. After you jailbreak your iPod you can install the Call and Messaging apps on your iPod. See here for Why you should jailbreak your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad and how to jailbreak your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.

The Apple Peel is expected to release in the US in the first week of October for  $57 ( which is pretty cheap for all its features). So, if you don’t mind all its flaws and just care about making calls from your iPod then $57 is a good price to pay.

It’s up for pre-order now at

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Inserting Lyrics to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

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I’m really very sorry for another Apple based post but I couldn’t think of anything else to write about….So, I’m writing this simple, short and easy guide to put lyrics in your iPod(iPhone/iPad) so you can read them while your music plays…

So to add the lyrics;

  1. Get the lyrics for the desired song from any of the lyrics sites such as or and copy them.
  2. Open up iTunes
  3. Go to your song (for which you want to add lyrics).
  4. Right-click on the song name.
  5. Go to ‘Get Info’

    Get Info

    Get Info

  6. Go to the ‘Lyrics’  tab and paste the lyrics there.

    Lyrics Tab

    Lyrics Tab

  7. SYNC!!



Thats it!! You are done!

Next time when you listen to your song on the iPod the lyrics will come like this..

Lyrics on the iPod

Lyrics on the iPod

P.S. This guides compatible with all iDevices except for the iPod shuffle.

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Kopfnuss-App Review [AppStore]

Today, I finally got my hands on this app called Kopfnuss that I have wanted for quite some time now.

Kopfnuss is a mental arithmetic training app and  a few minutes of  Kopfnuss every morning would undoubtedly make your mental arithmetic (maths) considerably faster.

Kopfnuss has 2 game modes, exercise and time trial.


There’s no time limit. Just do each exercise with your speed and sharpen your brain. Each exercise has 10 questions.The wrong answers are corrected and Kopfnuss will give you the same question again some other time, which is a really, really good feature as it not only challenges your quick thinking but also enhances your retention power.

Kopfnuss Exercise

Kopfnuss Exercise

Time Trial

You have 90 seconds to do all the questions you can and then compare your score with others. The time limit checks out how fast and effectively you can work when stressed or tense.

Kopfnuss Time Trial

Kopfnuss Time Trial

Kopfnuss has 3 levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. There’s a big jump in difficulty between each of them which is nice and adds a lot of value to the game.

The app  is really well presented with amazing graphics and visuals. The menus, buttons and animations are just brilliant. One of the best I’ve seen on the iPod/iPhone. Raijin software has really done a good job with the visuals.

Kopfnuss also has really good Facebook integration so that you can post your scores and compare them with your friends on Facebook.

Another really thing that I like about the app is the Statistics page. Kopfnuss tracks all your records and makes a neat graph out of it so you can review your previous performances and work accordingly.

Kopfnuss Statistics

Kopfnuss Statistics

Kopfnuss is an app which has no age limit and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Deceptive in the apparent simplicity of the questions, it will doubtlessly be a challenge for people of all age groups. It is a frustrating but enjoyable and highly beneficial experience when you find yourself stuck at a question that you would once have passed off as easy. It might come as a shock to many who think themselves smart how much time they take in answering simple arithmetic questions. It is these basics only which can be a true judge of our mental ability. It is not book learnt (Read rote learnt) intelligence. In fact, the simple questions are another asset in the fact that people of all education levels can use the app to sharpen their minds. It doesn’t only help in improving arithmetic but also enhances your mental skills, quick-thinking, and retention abilities.

Kopfnuss is like a virtual classroom, beginning smooth to let you get the hang of things and then gets challenging as you progress, but this is one math class that no one wants to come to an end!

I would highly recommend you buying this app as it is a great combination of fun and learning and is totally worth the money.

Apple AppStore link to the App [Price $0.99]

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E3 2010-A Summary

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I have been having quite a few sleepless nights lately. Yesterday I went to sleep at 3:30 am and the night before that at 4am because I was too busy watching the E3 2010Press Conferences LIVE at

This year’s E3 IMHO was one of the best E3s ever. Loads of new stuff was introduced, new sequels, new hardware and new concepts like the Kinect and PS Move. Here is a summary of E3 2010;

The main announcements (not particularly in this order);

Nintendo 3DS

 Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS

Finally, the 3DS was officially announced at this year’s E3 and it is just EPIC.

As you can see in the picture, the 3DS now features an analog stick which is termed as the ‘Slide Pad’ by the people at Nintendo. 2 cameras on the outside instead of one as in the DSi and needless to say, 3D support.

The main WOW thing about the 3DS is that one can play in 3D without wearing glasses! (yup, you read that right). Also there are 2 cameras in the front so that one can take pictures in 3D and view them on the DS. There’s also an integrated microphone, a motion sensor and a gyroscope (basically senses movement in all six axis, just like the iPhone 4). Stereo speakers are on either side of the top screen, and the game card slot accepts DS cards in addition to the new 3DS cards. Interestingly, the pictures that you’re seeing right now may not be what exactly the Nintendo 3DS will look like when it hits the retail shelves as the company says that the “final design is TBA” and may infact change before its release.

The new Xbox 360

Xbox 360 (slim)The new Xbox360 undoubtedly looks much better than the present one. With a glossy black finish like the one which the PS3 has. It is a finger print magnet but still looks very good. The  new Xbox also has in-built Wi-Fi, 250GB internal Hard-drive, 2 fans, capacitive buttons and is also 15% smaller than the old Xbox. You have to admit that it is indeed a good successor to the old 360.

And also, it is Kinect ready! I don’t think that there are any big performance changes except that the power button doesn’t have any red LEDs around it , so I think we can all say goodbye to the RROD for good.

The new 360 will be  is available for $299 and another model will be coming up to replace the Xbox 360 arcade which will be placed at $199.

PlayStation Plus

After months of rumor, the PlayStation Plus service was officially announced at this years E3.

I always thought that free online gaming and PSN is a big plus point for the PS3 as compared to the $50 an year XBox Live. But Sony announced that PSN will continue to offer the services being offered right now for free and people who want some extra features can get the new Optional upgrade for $50 an year or $18 for 3 months.

So, people can still continue to play online and do all the stuff they do right now on PSN for free.

PlayStation Plus will  feature exclusive unique Avatars, custom themes and some discounts for both PlayStation 3 and PSP video games. Also, the subscribers will get full game trials allowing them to experience games for free with all the features turned on for a limited amount of time before being asked to actually purchase them.

Microsoft Kinect

Image 1

Most of the people reading this would already know everything about the Kinect but still I will mention that the Kinect (Codenamed Project Natal) is an add-on for the Xbox 360 which allows users to play games or do other stuff on the 360 using hand gestures, movements and their voice without any controller or input device.

The Kinect will be available in November for $150. But people with the original 360s need to have a separate power connection for the Kinect while the new 360, as written above, will be Kinect ready.

PlayStation Move

For me, this was the main reason that I didn’t sleep for 2 night and was watching E3. The PS Move is an upcoming add-on for the Playstation 3.  The Playstation Move is a motion-sensing controller for the PS3 with 1:1 tracking (full body movement tracking) unlike the Nintendo Wii.

The controller on the left is called the Navigator (spoilsport, I know) and is basically used for movement (duh!) and is optional is many games,. The controller on the right is the main Move ‘wand’. The ball on top is called the ‘orb’ and can glow in any colour as it has RGB LED’s on the inside. The orb is made of a rubbery, little squishy material which is a plus point incase the controller goes flying toward your precious HDTV.

The Move controller is also pressure sensitive so if you are playing a bow and arrow game (like the sports champions package) and if you loosen your grip on the wand then the arrow will be released (EPIC).

The PS Move will be available on September 19th in US for a surprisingly low cost: only $50 dollars (about Rs.2500) for the Move and $30(about Rs.1500) for the optional Navigator (The move costs even less than a PS game which usually costs $60). Although with this you would only get the controller and not the PS Eye camera which is necessary. If you want the full bundle it costs $100 with which you get the Move controller, the PS Eye camera, Sports champion game for the move and the move demo disc.

According to me , the Move is much better than the Kinect (not because I own a Ps3) but I believe Kinect has its limitations. Imagine playing an FPS with it, or even any other action adventure game in which you have to run around. The voice recognition is also a big problem, as reported by, the Kinect fails to recognise words spoken in different accents and that is a big problem.

Now, to the Playstation Move. The main thing that makes the Move click is the one-to-one tracking. In the Wii, everything was  preset , if a person flicks his wrist the right then something will happen and if the person flicks it upward then another…you get the drift. This is not the case with the Move, in which nothing is present and the game character will do exactly as you do. Imagine how fun it would be to play a boxing game this way (The Fight :working title).

Watch out for a post on the Games that were announced at E3!

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The iOS 4 – A Walkthrough

iPhone OS 4 has been renamed to iOS 4with the bump to version 4. Some 100 new features (according to apple) are coming along with the name change, including biggies like multitasking, a unified inbox, app folders, and data detectors.

Apple says iOS 4 will arrive for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch on June 21 and it’ll be free for iPod touch owners for the first time, which is nice.  :)

Not all features will be supported across all devices. Like Multitasking, custom wallpapers and Bluetooth keyboard support will only be available on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32 & 64GB models bought in late 2009). Since I am an iPod touch 2G owner, not being able to change my home screen wallpaper basically kills the main reason I was excited about iOS 4. Also, the 1st gen iPod touch is left out completely :'(  [sorry,1st generation owners…]

Here are the main new features in iOS4:


Apple has finally added multitasking support to some of its iDevices. This feature allows the running of 2 apps. simultaneously(duh!). So now you can listen to Pandora radio while chatting with your friends on Skype (or Facebook).


Folders now allow you to have 2160 apps in total (Wow!) instead of 148 (meh…)  that you can have right now. Each folder can have 12 apps and the names of the folders have a 13 character limit.


Now you can make your playlists on the iPod itself. Earlier you could only make ‘On-The-Go’ playlist but then one playlist just doesn’t suffice.


I personally really like this app. It’s a brilliant ebook reader that supports PDF format. You can purchase ebooks specifically made for iBooks from apple’s online bookstore in ePub format (weird name…).

There are, of course, other awesome features as well, but I’m a little too lazy to write stuff about them, so I’ll just list some of them here:

  • Unified inbox for all your mail.
  • Ability to change the home screen wallpaper.
  • Ability to gift other people apps from the app store.
  • Bluetooth keyboard support.
  • Spellchecker that works with mail, notes and other apps.
  • Ability to see photos based on who’s in them and where they were taken.

So, that’s basically it for iOS 4.

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