Why TheDolt’s Blog

30,000+ Page Views every month

TheDolt’s blog receives more than 30,000 Page Views every month with more than 20,000 unique visitors. And it is a known fact that traffic is the first and most important determinant of online advertising. With more than 1,000 page views everyday the probability of a user being interested in your advertisement increases by ten fold when compared other websites.

PageRank 4

All the advertisements on TheDolt’s Blog have a DoFollow link. And because TheDolt’s blog is a PageRank  blog, it only gives you traffic but also a linkback from a very strong website. I cannot stress enough on how much important strong backlinks are.

Strong Loyal Readership

TheDolt’s blog has a very large, strong and intelligent readership which doesn’t shy away from clicking advertisements if they are appealing. So make hay while the sun shines!

4000+ Comments

The readers of TheDolt’s Blog are not lurkers. They express their opinion openly and comment on posts which they like, agree with or have different viewpoints on. Surely, this is not an audience any advertiser would want to miss.

Site Advertising Opportunities

TheDolt’s Blog offers a variety of advertisements which can be bought on monthly or yearly basis. The pricing is competitive and will most definitely help your cause.

Direct Advertising

Direct image or written advertisements can be purchased. These advertisements will be site-wide and the pricing will depend on their size and how close they are to the main content of the page. Flash ads are also allowed.

The following are examples of ad placements. Don’t worry, the site is not limited to these only.  Special requests will also be entertained.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

You may contact me for information on pricing or if you have any other doubts regarding advertising on TheDolt’s Blog.

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