Carberry’s Vibration Reduction Plate for Royal Enfield – A Review

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Disclaimer: The post is not promotional in nature. The views expressed in relation to the vibration reduction plate are my own and have not been modified to suit the interest of Carberry.

The Dreaded Vibrations

One of the characteristics of an internal combustion engine is that it rattles. Controlled explosions and bursts of energy not only move the vehicle but also give rise to the sense that it’s alive.

One of the characteristics of an internal combustion engine of Royal Enfield is that it rattles like a rat trapped in a hot box. Especially north of 70kmph. Weighted handlebars, tightened screws, careful weight balancing, a better air filter and frequent oil changes; all has been tried to get rid of the vibrations. Seldom has it worked.

The Installation

I placed an order for the plate a week ago and was shortly contacted by Carberry. They explained to me it would be impractical to get the product shipped to my place which was barely an hour from their workshop. I was offered free installation if I rode to the workshop. With the hopes of getting a test ride on their 998cc beast I reached their workshop. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was being fitted with ABS and was available only for viewing, not for a ride. Regardless, it is a thing of beauty.

The installation took mere 10 minutes. The owners of Carberry, including Paul Carberry himself were present during the installation making sure nothing went wrong. Jaspreet Singh Bhatia made sure his customer went satisfied.

You can follow the video linked here to install it by yourself. 

The Review

Any change in vibrations is easy to detect when you know your motorcycle like the back of your hand. And boy did I notice reduction. The handlebar no longer rattled. The foot pegs were no longer giving me a foot massage north of 70. Without the vibration reduction plate, north of 70 is when the vibrations kick in and the bike rattles to the point that accelerating further becomes less of a joy and more of an ordeal. With Carberry’s vibration reduction plate installed, accelerating beyond 100 is a breeze. With the vibration reduction plate installed, the motorcycle follows you, not the vibrations.

That said, do not expect the vibrations to vanish. It’s a reduction plate, not an elimination plate.

Is it worth the 3000?

If you are a city rider and spend more time downshifting from the fourth to the third, I wouldn’t recommend it for vibration reduction purposes. I would however recommend you to get it installed for lengthening the life of other parts of your machine which unnecessarily go through wear and tear due to the high vibrations. In the long run, you’d save more than the initial investment – and vibration reduction comes complimentary.

For a tourer, it is a must. Beyond 100 the highway no longer seems daunting. No longer would you be restricted to higher revs because of the vibrations.

P.S. Jaspreet Singh Bhatia has promised me a ride of the 998cc beast when it’s available. He also promised me a ride on his Kawasaki ZRX 1200 which he has upgraded to Stage 2. This last paragraph is less for the average reader and more for Jaspreet himself, to remind him of his promise. I wait with my breath held.


1 thought on “Carberry’s Vibration Reduction Plate for Royal Enfield – A Review

  1. Following the “plate” since its launch.
    Read a lot, watched many installation videos and concluded about the positive result.
    I’m very curious about the official comment/word from RE if there is any??
    Here one thing rise in the mind that, in the vibration issue, despite having thousands of complaints, RE did nothing to sort out the issue and an independent firm almost done it simply.

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