Palpable Poems- Love and Libido

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Anything I would say before you read this poem could later be perceived as a spoiler. Unlike my other poems wherein I provided an introduction of sorts, I’ll beg your leave and submit it for your kind perusal without further ado.


Love and Libido

Stealing glances
Getting caught
Hands brushing
Apologies in order
Sweet smells
Libido on fire
Drawing close
Kissing with eyes
Accidental touches
Always intentional
Fingers entwined
Stares escaping
Goosebumps all over
Oxytocin or love
Body against wall
Distances decreasing
No glancing
No stares escaping
No apologies
Intentional touches
Sweet smells
Libido on fire
Hands on waist
Necks brushing
Tunnel vision
Knocking things over
Exploring self
Recognising old boundaries
Breaking old boundaries
Drawing new ones
Breaking new ones
Repeating until
Until eyes start to droop
Excitement subsides
Breath catches
Calmness takes over
For her it was the beginning
For him it was the end.

I didn’t intend the poem to end in such a manner.

Neither did she.

P.S. Writing in a formal language with an official-email-lingo gives me a thrill.


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