Palpable Poems- Sapiosexual

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At times I regret being a sapiosexual. When I see my friends being able to pursue any girl with a pair of legs, I find myself with no patience in trying to drive myself with a girl having limited knowledge, no resemblance of awareness and a lack of common sense. Add to that a self-restricted vantage point and the inability to open up her mind to new ideas coupled with total absence of any signs of an appreciable sense of humor. After relying on a friend’s suggestion on how one should look for sweetness, and not cleverness, I learnt I would rather spend my time being witty with someone, than say sweet nothings.


Calm down that rage erupting lava oozing feminist in you as this behavior of mine applies to guys as well. But I can still do without having a strong intellectual connection with them; I do not wish to fall in love with them. Not yet, at least. I can make do with bits and pieces of their personality I appreciate, or can atleast live with. I do not have to accept them as whole.



Feel free to wear all the makeup you want
To tie your hair up
and dress down without losing your charm
To learn all that a girl is supposed to know


Feel free to work out and build those abs and pecs
Hell, I’ve indulged in it too one point in time
To learn  to fight
and ride a bike
and all things manly-wise


But all that would amount to nothing if you cannot make a person a bit unnerved and pleasantly shocked with what you have to say.


While you will be in my arms
and I in yours
I would have you think of what to say next
than what to do.




Do not get me wrong
your heart is pure
you are honey sweet
you are someone who would love me to death
and then some more from beyond
not in a necrophiliac sort of way
but who am I judge if necrophilia is wrong?
Let us debate on borderline kinky fetishes


Do not get me wrong
you are probably the one I should be saying yes to
you would never leave my side
never allow me to feel alone in this empty world
not in a forever alone sort of way
but then who am I judge if being alone is a misfortune
or a matter of choice for some?
Let us debate on autism being a disability or a potential


Do not get me wrong
it is not that I do not value what comes easy
perhaps you are the one meant for me
but who am I to say that giving up on you is such bad thing
if we are meant for each other
how difficult could it be to find you again?
Let us debate on free will and determinism


So I will continue my search for the mind that draws me towards it
the intelligence which stirs my testosterone
and who are you to say I am destroying my life
MY life
by running after intelligent women not meant for me
since who you are to judge a sapiosexual?
And that is one debate I would not have with you


The use of the English language
as said in Dead Poets Society is nothing but to woo women
and gorgeous
that is all I plan to do.

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