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I’ve never needed a clock. Cognizance of time comes naturally to me. Though I must rather shamefully accept my body clock goes haywire while writing an exam. That Saturday morning the clock had struck 8 and I had no exam. I may have been deprived of coffee but that was only because I was high on someone’s poetry. With no identifiable source(s) of inspiration, I spent close to two hours on this piece. The longest I’ve spent on a poem.



The poem is about a lawyer and takes care of the rest of the details.


In Popular Interest


With entwined fingers
red eyes
anxiously bitten fingernails
and scraped knees
I beg you to listen about him
To help him.

His name is Popular
and will be remembered
His achievements are known to over achievers
and have set a benchmark
His intelligence is talked about by men of high calibre
His sincerity is as evident in his works on his face
He doesn’t require help they think
he is a master of all trades
He is going to go places they believe
for he lacks nothing
He is going to blow everyone else out of the water they know
they’ve seen him swim against the tide and survive
They say he is Achilles
with a pair of Woodlands

comes his way
while his heart yearns for love
They know his accomplishments
the degrees
of triple PhDs
but not his deeds

They know his hold over language
an extensive vocabulary
far reaching over the
folds of tongues spoken on the continent he resides
impeccable grammar knowing
when to use or not to use Shakespearean words
but the moment he introspects
words suddenly become an ordeal
he finds his inner voice not prepared to deal with words
words which became too much and too less at the same time

The hairline difference between ‘will’ and ‘shall’ cannot be explained better by anyone than him
and they are aware of it
but no one is aware of his love for a Chilean poet
Neftalí Ricardo
known to him as the lover of the century
to us as Neruda

The high regard for him comes through years of repetition and ordeal
the sections and sub-sections he remembers by heart
the exceptions to the aforementioned sections and sub-sections on his fingertips
which yearn to spend more time on the canvas
being creative and catering to freely flowing ideas
neither intra nor ultra vires
They know he upholds the letter of the law
but not the rules he survives by

The procedures and obligations of the courtroom
both inside and outside
seem to embedded into his mind
and ooze from his confident stride
like a tattoo on the back
owing its genesis to a night
To a night comprising of bourbons and spirits
yet no one knows why that night the first drink was poured.

They can talk to him about all you think a man ought to know
from the legitimacy of Duckworth-Lewis method
to the atrocities which lead to the creation of Salwa Judum
from the blend of JD-his favourite
Oh, they also uphold his observational skills
as he knows the significance of ‘Honeydew’ written on the filter of a Will’s Gold flake

Yet they wouldn’t know that when he thinks of Cricket
a certain episode of a British television show with four geeks and a blonde comes to his mind
or a green insect, enjoying the nature that he never could

The monotonous everyday life of
never ending incoming information
ever increasing need for knowledge
has been conquered by him
he knows his way around negotiation tables with the most adamant men
around lobbyists with favours owed in the highest of offices
around the materialism this world thrives and leeches on
Yet wisdom is not the destination his lifelong followed path will lead to
and this he detests the most
the fact he knows everything yet, nothing

You ask him for help and he’ll never refuse
but pause for a moment to think
is it not he who is in need of help of more than you?

So help him
help him
help him
I beg you
With entwined fingers
red eyes
anxiously bitten fingernails
and scraped knees
beg you to help him
For he has written a great CV himself
but has no one to write his eulogy.

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