Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization are Closely Linked

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Branding a business online can be very complicated as there are so many tasks that need to be performed simultaneously and consistently. It is a process that involves both the professional online reputation management team, and the Search Engine Optimization team, especially now that Google implements algorithm changes so quickly. Still, in Google’s mind, it is all about relevance, brand trust and influence. Michael Fertik founded, a company deeply integrated in this industry, and he claims that if you focus on these aspects now, you’ll be ahead of the game when new changes go into effect.

To perform effective branding or Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to implement both effective techniques used in SEO and in online reputation management. To do this correctly you must focus on various elements from both specializations. What to Focus On:

1. Social Media

Social Media now impacts SEO and a business’s online reputation as well. Comments and information you add here can give you credibility, but when properly keyworded can also offer your Facebook comments Google first page indexing.

2. PR and SEO

PR and SEO communications team need to work together to create a positive messaging strategy about your organization. Open dialogues should occur between both professional teams to create a well rounded marketing strategy.

3. SEO strategies

SEO strategies can help an online reputation management team work more efficiently by helping them find new opportunities, places to post favorable reputation information and by analyzing the competitors online PR efforts. SEO specialists can also help you identify types of stories that give you more credibility and promote your branding image.

4. Content

Develop and curate content that is of interest to your targeted market. You have to have a complete understanding of the way your targeted audience searches and the keywords that work, and this involves bringing in relevant SEO practices to your PR department.

5. Keywords

Most SEO and online reputation management firms will agree that communications campaigns whether these are for branding or SEO purposes need to incorporate the adequate use of keywords in various different content which can range from blog posts, to tweets or Facebook comments. Those that have optimized keywords get indexed better and readers can get a better understanding of your business.

By looking past the article or press release and leveraging all SEO and Online Reputation Management techniques, online professionals can support and make any PR or SEO campaign productive and raise awareness of your company. This in turn will ultimately drive up sales.

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