CLAT 2012 – A Shocker Of A Paper

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How would you feel if your teacher tells you that you will be tested on the first 5 chapters of your maths book? That’s cruel but acceptable,  you would say. But what if the test has questions on 5 totally different chapters instead? Of chapters you weren’t told to prepare? For a moment let’s forget how you would feel about it and let’s think of a term you would use for it. Google it if you wish to but you’ll find nothing. I’ll tell you. From 13th May 2012 onwards, it’s going to be called getting Clatted.

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t studied anything but Current Affairs and they have the audacity to ask this in the exam:

Name the ocean which is ‘S’ shaped.

Excuse me for a moment but what in hell’s name? And this is what the syllabus had to say about the GK section.

This section will only test students on their knowledge of current affairs (broadly defined as matters featuring in the mainstream media between March 2011 and March 2012)

Dissimilar, much?

Now I’m no eistein (or John Austin, in this case) but unless and until the ocean changed it’s shape to that of the letter ‘S’ during the time period between March 2011 and March 2012, the question was invalid in regard to the paper. It had no place in CLAT 2012’s paper. And this wasn’t the only question. Let me tell you some more.

“Man is a social animal” – Which thinker said this?

Seems like a legit question? Yes. The answer? Aristole. Someone who died in 322 BC. And if my calender is correct, Aristotle could not have said that between March 2011 and March 2012. Even the Mayans would agree with me (the world’s not ending by the way. Yes, you’ll stay a virgin this year).

And here’s another one.

Leukemia is a disease related to what?

Was Leukemia discovered in April 2012? September? November? January? March? It was discovered in the 5th century! HOW IN HELL’S NAME *tries to cool down* is this Current Affairs? Have mercy on me and enlighten me. I beg for it.

See all GK questions of Clat 2012 here, on

And GK wasn’t the only section where they screwed up. NLU Jodhpur continued to show there ignorance in the Legal section as well. Terms like void ab initio weren’t explained when it was said that even commonly known terms like patent will also be explained. Some questions didn’t have  principles stated (not a mistake. We were supposed to use the legal knowledge we had, something we were supposed to have.). Some questions required advanced knowledge about certain laws which, quite naturally, required prerequisite knowledge. And advanced one at that.  And the number of questions that were valid  barely managed to cross the single digit mark. Some question required extensive knowledge about particular laws (things that are taught in the first/second year to law students). And this happened after this had been said beforehand.

Candidates will not be tested on any prior knowledge of law or legal concepts. If a technical/legal term is used in the question, that term will be explained in the question itself. For example, if the word patent is used, the meaning of patent (“a legal monopoly granted by the government for certain kinds of inventions”) will also be explained.

I have only one thing to say. FILE A PIL!

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  2. I've been taking classes for CLAT, and have been preparing for the exam. Even though its quite tough, you don't find it to be that difficult after a year of preparation.
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  3. i so agree with you! why set a paper in the first place when you don't even have brains enough to keep your word. this year clat has been nothing but a cruel joke played on the hopes and aspirations of thousands of students..

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