4 Benefits of Using VoIP over a Phone Plan

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This is a guest post by Paul who believes in the importance of using VoIP. He can also help you with the best internet and phone packages. If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post.

Decades ago, when the ability to make phone calls to people from all over the world was announced, it heralded a great new world. People were so excited at the kind of progress we have made and very few people could hardly believe we would be where we are today.

Then, it was very difficult to make phone calls, and only the rich could afford having a phone in their home. How things have changed. Now, we can make phone calls and even see those we are calling through the 3G technology. Over time, a lot of new things have happened, and one such thing is the introduction of the VoIP technology. This article will be giving you 4 benefits of using VoIP technology instead of a mobile plan with your ISP.

benefits of VoIP

Benefits Of Using VoIP

1. Cheap Call Rates

One thing about making phone calls is that it has always been expensive. Developing a technology for people to make phone calls isn’t something just anybody can do, and the few ISPs who controlled the system either charge excessively for it or make people go through ridiculous long-term contracts. Communication is an essential part of our lives, and if not free, I believe it should be relatively cheap. If you’re tired of the excessive price you are being charged just for using the mobile calling system then you need to start using the VoIP technology. Most VoIP services allow you to make cheap calls to any part of the world for a cheap monthly, or yearly free, and there are even VoIP services that allow you to make a limited amount of free calls every month.

2 .Save Money on Mobile Purchases

A lot of us spend more money on devices that help us make phone calls than we can ever imagine. We spend money buying the right mobile phone, we spend money on the sim cards we need to make phone calls, we spend money on activating and recharging our mobile phone regularly, and some of us even spend money on long-term ISP contracts. This isn’t a problem as far as the VoIP calling technology is concerned. You can easily get high quality calling services to suit your needs for very cheap prices.

3. Save When You Travel

A lot of us love to travel the world and see cool places and people from other parts of the world, but aside from all the expensive airline tickets and travel fees we have to pay, we also have to go through the ordeal of paying excessively to communicate with our loved ones during our travels. One disadvantage to using your ISPs mobile calling technology when you travel is that you get to pay roaming fees; you have to sign special contracts and do some other irritating things. If you decide not to use your ISP you might end up paying excessively to use another ISP in the country you are travelling to and all that ends up sucking a lot of money from our pockets. With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about all that since you don’t need a sim card or an ISP. The only thing you need to make VoIP calls is an internet connection, and you can easily get that from any part of the world.

4. Get Better Quality Calls

Many people will think that VoIP calls will be of a worse quality because of how cheap it is, but that can only be farther from the truth. VoIP calls are generally known to provide a better experience than most mobile calling technology, and you also don’t have to pay heavily to enjoy better quality calls.

5 thoughts on “4 Benefits of Using VoIP over a Phone Plan

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for this helpful info about VOIP, if it helps me save money it can't be bad, also the fact that the calls are better quality is a big point in VOIP's favour.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I would be lost in my business without VOIP. I am in the UK and often have to make international calls to clients and for research purposes. There are no traditional plans that meet my needs. Plus, there is so much more you can do with VOIP. Video calls, IM and file transfers. I've convinced quite a few clients to get onboard.

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