How To Unlink Your Google AdSense and Google Analytics Account

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While Google AdSense’s integration with Google Analytics works flawlessly for some, it is a PITA for others. I have been trying to  link my AdSense account with my Analytics account since the past 6 months and have successfully done so too, but unfortunately no data flows in and out of the two services. So today I decided to unlink the accounts and start the integration process again, from scratch. Unlinking an AdSense account with an Analytics account is not a straight forward process and cannot be done through the AdSense/Analytics dashboard. The unlinking process, though not manual, is fairly easy and quick. This is how you can delete the link between your AdSense and Analytics account:

How to unlink AdSense and Analytics

1. Login to your Google account

2. Head over to

3. You will have to fill the following form.

Enter your Gmail Email ID, which has access to both the accounts, in the first field. Enter you pub ID in the second field. You can find your pub ID from your AdSense page. It can be found in the top right corner on every AdSense page.

4. Once you fill in the details click the submit button.

5. A new page will be loaded and it will tell you that your application will be review and you will be contacted by Email once the disintegration process is completed.


How Much Time Will It take?

Taking into account the fact that it was Google I was dealing with, I was expecting a waiting time of around a week, if not more. You can imagine my surprise when I received this mail 15 minutes after submitting the application.


5 thoughts on “How To Unlink Your Google AdSense and Google Analytics Account

  1. Hi, I did all that above and got the confirmation email from support like you showed but in my Adsense page I still I don’t see any invitation to link to Analytics account? Any suggestions?

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