Best 30 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

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To continue my series of articles about Google Chrome extensions, which I published here, here is another list of Google Chrome extensions that bloggers would find useful.

Being a blogger myself, I know how difficult it is to manage blogs, inserting pictures to blogs, put watermark to pictures and a whole lot more. That is why plugins and extensions that works with Google Chrome are a bloggers best friend especially since Google Chrome has a lot of effective and multipurpose extensions.

Here is a run down of 30 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Best 30 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Zemanta:

Won’t you love it as a blogger if you can get suggestions and recommendations for images, articles, links or tags for a particular word as you type? Zemanta does that. It has a spam free database of 200,000 news sources and blogs so you will be able to write a much informative blog post.

Zemanta supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr and other blogging and CMS platforms.

2. Blog This:

This extension is very helpful for those who use Blogger as their blogging platform. With this extension, a blogger can just click Blog This and it will open a mini interface to create a blog post which contain a URL of the website that you are on plus text that has been highlighted on the page.

3. TypePad Blog It:

Just like Blog This, it allows for single click blog posting of text, images and videos from the current page to the TypePad blogging platform.

4. Google Dictionary (by Google):

This extension will let you view definition of any word by double clicking on it.

5. Google Reader Notifier:

This extension is very helpful so you will be alerted for news feed from blogs or site that you are subscribed to. The Google Reader Notifier will display the number of unread items in your Google Reader account with an icon next to the URL bar. Clicking the icon will open a preview of your reading list in a pop up window or a new tab.


This is a URL shortener service by Google. It also saves the shortened URL so the blogger can use it later for his post or for posting in social networking sites to share the URL of his published article or blog post.

7. Chrome Chikitizer:

Instead of going to a site to get shortened version of URL, this extension will let you get shortened or tiny URLs directly from the Chrome browser.

8. Untiny:

We often receive URLs in their shortened format and the Untiny extension will give you the original URL of the shortened or tiny version.

9. WiseStamp.

It works like the Signature feature in Outlook in that it will allow you to create multiple Signatures and select from it when sending an email using your Gmail account. With this extension, you will be able to add the link to your social media Profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Gtalk, promote your latest blog post and Twitter tweet and even add your Company logo.

10. Day Hiker.

This extension will help you manage your schedule as it will display your schedules and tasks from your Google calendar in a toolbar format. It has countdown, reminder badges and even an alarm clock.

11. RemindMe.

Since bloggers are always online and they have a list of online tasks to accomplish, this extension can come in handy to give them reminders as they browse the web.

12. Stay Focusd.

There are a lot of distractions online. You can spend the whole day tweeting with your friends especially if you are discussing about coupon codes and vouchers from your favorite online store or you can watch streaming online and many more. This extension will let you be productive while online as it restricts access to site that you will flag as time wasting or you can just specify a certain time where you can access this site. This will be a big help in avoiding temptation, which will allow you to do more work.

13. FastestChrome:

As the name implies, this extension makes you do things fast and easy as it allows bloggers to do the following directly from the Chrome browser: make text URLs clickable, show definitions and information of highlighted text in a bubble and allow for endless page loading.

14. Shareholic:

Bloggers love to share information with their co-bloggers like if they find news on the latest blogging tools, or even just shopping finds like finding coupon codes and discount vouchers for online sites such as shoebuy and ebags. With this extension, you can easily share any website directly from the Chrome browser to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail and more. It supports 100++ services and it loads instantly so it does not affect the performance of your Google Chrome.

15. Add This:

This extension will allow you to share a web page, like the website of YouLoveCoupons, to over 300 services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress. Aside from sharing a website, you can use this extension to email or print the webpage.


This extension allows you to drop images and other media from any website to your drop and you can use those images in the future.

17. Google Images Large Images:

Bloggers love to browse for pictures that they can incorporate in their blog post and they usually do it by doing a Google search (that is what I always do). This extension will show the actual size of the image when you do a mouse over instead of just seeing the thumbnails in the preview page.

18. Image Cropper:

Does it come a time when you want to include a certain portion of a web page as an image to your blog post? With this extension, you can crop img HTML element, CSS background images for any HTML element and images in PNG format.

19. Webpage Screenshot:

This extension allows a blogger to make a screen shot of the whole page to an image file thereby making it easy to include a screenshot of a page to a blog post.

20. Picnik:

This is a very useful extension for editing photos as you can do it directly from the Chrome browser. You can also share the photos directly to any blog or social networking sites without the need to save it to a hard disk.

21. Ibrii:

This cool extension will allow bloggers to snip an image, text or video from any website and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and more instead of sharing the whole page.

22. SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar.

Page rank and Alexa rank is one of the most important metrics for a blogger as this greatly affects SEO of a website. This toolbar is a simple and light weight add-in that gives bloggers Page Rank and Alexa information of any website.

23. Silver Bird

This is a Chrome extension that lets you send tweets without the need to visit

24. Facebook Notification.

Since social media is one tool that bloggers use to promote their site for SEO, this extension will be a great help to manage their Facebook accounts as it gives red notification when they receive messages and friend request.

25. Digg for Chrome.

This extension is for those who love Digg as you can Digg directly from the Chrome browser. It also shows the number of Digg for the website that you are currently viewing.

26. WordPress Checker:

If WordPress is the platform that you use for blogging, then you will find this extension very useful. You can approve, trash, reply, or mark as spam the comments without opening the WordPress site. This also support multiple blogs so you can add as many WordPress blogs as you want so you can manage all comments for all your blogs in one window.

27. SplitScreen:

This extension is so cool as it will allow you to open two different websites at the same time. The extension will ask for two URL address and will display both site in one window.

28. Live Website Editor:

This extension lets you edit a page, live from the browser directly.

29. Color Blendy:

With this extesnsion, you can blend colors direct from the browser without the need to open Adobe Photoshop.

30. dotEPUB:

This Chrome extension will allow conversion of any webpage to an Ebook in Epub format so bloggers can read their favorite content while offline.

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