Facebook Creates A Time Machine! Tells Me My Password Was Changed ‘Tomorrow’

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With my Open Letter To facebook, I had made it pretty clear that facebook was anything but stable. Since then, they have improved by great deal. So much so, that they have now even started predicting the future. If my sources are to be believed, then, this idea struck Mark Zukerberg while he was busy behaving awkwardly at f8. It is being said that Mark desperately wanted this feature — partly because he wanted to see what kind of spams and hacks facebook might have to face in the future, but mostly because he didn’t get any notification even after refreshing the homepage two hundred thousand gazzilion times.

So, together with Hrithik Roshan ‘s genius  father Rohit, from Koi Mil Gaya, Mark built a time machine which they have named [REDACTED]. Technical specs of the machine were unknown at the time of writing this post, but what is known is that the machine makes use of what the Neutrinos told us a few weeks back. While Mark was unavailable for comments, CERN conveniently decided not to respond to the several mails that were sent and calls that were made, asking about facebook’s new [REDACTED]. Below is a screenshot which proves that the time machine _does_ exist and is in fact working and predicting the future, if not saving it.


Let’s analyse this a bit

Sorry! You Entered An Old Password

Your password was changed at: Tomorrow at 152:am

If you don’t remember making this change,click here.

Call me a Grammar Nazi, if you may, but the typographical error where they forget to give a space after the comma “…making this change,click here” is the only thing that bugs me since we have already established the fact the machine exists.

UPDATE (2:00am, 14th October 2011): My account was hacked today. Exactly at the time facebook predicted it would. Thank you facebook?

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