Best 30 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

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When a web designer works, he has a lot of windows open like his browser, image manipulation program like Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw and the likes to edit images to be included in the website, FTP software for uploading pages and images, web editing software and I haven’t even started.

That is why most web developers prefer to use add-ons and extensions with their browser to lessen the number of windows opened on their desktop as they do their work as these extensions perform tasks without the need to close the browser.

chrome extensions for web designers

According to Wikipedia, extensions add specific abilities to a larger software application. For web browsers, add-ons and extensions add functionality to the browser that helps save time in performing a task.

For example, there is an available web browser extension for Yahoo toolbar. Once installed, you can have a preview of your favorite sites such as Facebook, your favorite discount shopping site where you get coupon codes and vouchers, email, bags and shoes online site and more.

Firefox is actually dominating the web browser world because it is faster compared to other web browsers like IE. There are also a lot of extensions that works well Firefox that is why millions of users prefer this browser over the other. But with the launched of Google Chrome, Firefox has found its competitor since they say that Google Chrome is faster and provides a more secure browsing experience.

Some of the most useful Google Chrome extensions that a web designers can use to make thier life easy include:

Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

1. PenduleThis extension allows web designers access to more than 20 web design tools into one interface. Pendule include functions like viewing and reloading of CSS, displaying of ruler, disabling of passwords, displaying color picker, show elements and more.

2. Firebug Lite: Editing and debuggig CSS, HTML and Java Script forms an integral part of a web designers life and so it would be easier for them if they will be able to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and Java Scripts from any web page.

3. PHP Console: Displays PHP error messages from Google Chrome console for a much easy debugging.

4. Web Developer:. This is the counterpart of FF’ s Web Developer extension and what it does is it provides a toolbar with various web developer tools like displaying tab index, viewing java script and anchor information and many more.

5. CSS Scan: This is the counterpart of FF’s CSS Viewer and it lets the designer view the CSS properties of a particular element.

6. iMacros: automates the running of repetitive work such as web regression testing, performance testing and web transaction monitoring.

7. Multi Switch:. The Multi Switch extension lets you switch easily from development, test and productive hosts.

8. Chrome Sniffer:. This lets a developer inspects the framework and Java Script libraries running in a website while browsing.

9. META SEO Inspector:. META data is not visible while browsing, but this extension will let developers inspect mate data found in web pages.

10. Snippy: With this extension, designers will be able to capture rich content of a paragraph, images, links, etc and preserving its formatting which can be save for future use.

11. Built With: This extension discovers the different technologies being used by the web site, which help designers, decide which technologies to adapt to the site that he is developing.

12. Windows Resizer: Designers must test their design on various display resolution so they can see how their actual page will look like. With this extension, designers can switch to different resolutions to view the layout of the page that they are designing.

13. Frame Two Pages: Designers may find the need to compare layout of two pages and this extension will let designers put two tabs into one frame.

14. Speed TracerThis extension analyzes the performance of your website and provides metrics that will help a designer fix performance problems.11

15. Flash Block: With this extension, flash content will be blocked from loading but instead, placeholder will be place so the designer has the option to view the Flash design if he wants.

16. Picnik: In some web designs, a web designer might require screen shots of sites and pages and the Picnik extension makes this easy as it takes screen shots and allows online and on-the-spot editing of the screenshot.

17. Aviary Screen Capture: Another screen capturing extension is the Aviary Screen capture. This extension allows you to take a snap shot of a page and edits it from within the browser.

18. WebPage Screenshot: This extension captures a screen shot of the whole web page, saving into one file, even long pages.

19. Awesome Screenshot: This lets you capture a screenshot of a portion or the whole of a page and will be able to annotate the screen shot with rectangles, circles, text and the like.

20. Eye Dropper: Have you encountered times when you want to clone a particular color that you found from a certain page? This can be easily done with this extension, as it will let you pick the color from the color picker from any web page.

21. Plain Clothes: will let you unstyle the web pages or set it close to default

22.Measure It: A good web design has all elements working together to form coherence. With this extension, you will be able to measure the width and height in pixel of any element in a page.

23. Lorem Ipsum Generator: This can be use to generate random Lorem Ipsum text.

24. IE Tab: allows the viewing of sites only compatible with IE, in a Chrome tab.

25. SEO for Chrome: SEO is important for a web designer and so SEO tools like Chrome SEO is essential as it provides easy access to information like competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, page rank and more.

26. Domain Availability Checker:. Domain names is important when designing websites and so this tool will help designer check for available domain names that he can use for his site.

27.Chrome Flags: The location of the domain hosting is also an important information that a develop needs and this extension will show the flag of the country where the site is being hosted.

28. AppJump App Launcher and Organizer: There will come a point that you will feel lost and confuse after installing a number of these extensions. The AppJump App Launcher and Organizer will let you organize all your extensions and lets you find and select these extensions from a drop down menu in the toolbar.

29. Cloud Save: Since designers usually work online, this extension will let them save files easily in a supported cloud service.

30. Microstock Photo Power Search Tool: Websites with images make a site alive and also helps attract audience. But finding the best image can be time consuming so this extension is very important as it searched microstock on 5 of the top stock agencies.

Web designers don’t have the luxury of time as they work on schedules and tight deadlines. Thankfully there are extensions available for web browsers like Google Chrome that will make a designer’s life easy.


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