10 Best SEO Tips For Your Website

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SEO is one of the primary things that you must do in order to start earning from your website. Here are some of the best tips that you must follow so as to improve traffic on your website.

1. Commenting is one of the primary ways through which you can generate traffic on your website. The commenting can be a difficult task because your comments may take up to several days to get approved and that vital backlink for which you are commenting.

2. The categories and links that should be used in the blog must be self-explanatory and as simple as possible. There must be appropriate description most be given in your post so that the readers can enjoy your post.

3. Use appropriate ALT tags for your images. The images are an important part of any blog post.  Many bloggers forget to include them but they must understand that it can draw a large amount of traffic from the image search of many search engines particularly Google. By optimally using the alt tags you will experience a boost in your traffic.

4. You must also comment on your blog when somebody pings on your post. This is another way through which you can keep your visitors interested and loyal towards your website. The commenting will also encourage some healthy communication between the both parties.

5. In order to improve the rankings in the search and concentrating more on the organic traffic, you should try to submit your website to a number of free submission directories.

6. Today almost everyone is on facebook and Twitter. This social phenomenon has taken the entire world by surprise. So why not use the power of this social network to drive some traffic on your website. These sites can really help in boosting traffic and will also help you in catching the attention of the masses. Many companies have started their campaign and advertisement on these sites only.

7. Guest posts are also an important way by which traffic can be brought to your website. Through the guest post you will be reaching new audiences that might be interested in your site.

8. The layout of the blog should be kept simple and light as the search engine spiders will be indexing your site continuously. The layout must be simple so that user can find information without any hassles. The user experience is another factor that you must take care of.

9.  Include a Sitemap for your website. A sitemap is a simple page that has information about all the pages that are available in your website. This will help the search bots in indexing your sites faster. Google and all the other search engines use sitemap as their primary way of accessing the content of any blog or website.

10. Don’t try to fool the spiders and crawlers of search engines by using the Black Hat SEO techniques such as Shadow Mirroring, Spyware and other. Google will simply blacklist your website and you will be banned from others also. Also don’t try to stuff your web post with a lot of keywords. This is another practice that must be checked by the webmasters before publishing it.

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