Google Analytics Live – To Now Deliver Stats In Real Time

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The amazing but painfully slow Google Analytics is now going to deliver stats in real time.  This announcement from Google will surely give other Real Time stat analytics like Clicky a run for their money. It should now be renamed to Google Analytics Live.

Google Analytics Live

Real Time stats in Google Analytics will make it possible for webmasters to know what is going on – on their websites or blogs at any instant of time. They can view the stats for the past hour, the past minute or even of that very instant. While this announcement from Google has surely made webmasters happy, something tell me that the guys at and other related services are frowning right now.

The new feature can only be accessed from the New Version of Google Analytics. Google is rolling out Real Time Stats in phases  right now so there is a chance it might not have been activated for you, yet. To check if your Analytics account has it or not, go to Google Analytics and switch to the New Version. Now click on Dashboard and you should see a screen somewhat similar to this

Google Analytics Live

However, if you don’t see a screen similar to that and are shown all the usual stuff  like Bounce Rate and Page Views then unfortunately  it’s not your day today. Either you can wait for Google’ Analytics Live Stats to open up for everyone or the impatient ones can head over here and sign up for early access.

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  1. I have honestly started to like this blog. At first, I thought it wasn’t the best, but it has definitely grown on me. Nice job luring me in hah.

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