The Awkward Moment When You Are Expected To Solve A reCAPTCHA – In Hindi

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We all have entered some weird stuff while trying to pass CAPTCHAs/reCAPTCHAs. CAPTCHAs are still fine; they aren’t sadists. But reCAPTCHAs? Oh boy, they are like pissed Nazi soldiers at a torture camp. They will do anything to make your life hell and then some more, just for the heck of it.  Ergo, more often that not, reCAPTCHAs come up with pretty weird shit they expect you to type. I mean how in hell’s name can you expect a user to write superscripts to subscripts usually prefixed with a sigma sign? I can barely type my name without looking at the keyboard (that’s a lie, get the hint).

I though I was human, until now.

But then,  in reCAPTCHAs you can type in whatever shit you want and it _will_ accept it. Because that’s how reCAPTCHAs roll. Yes, it is unethical since it is against the whole goddman concept, but give us a break, we are mere mortals.

Getting back to the point. Today was different. It wouldn’t be wrong to term it as very different, though I will not. I was on Pottermore, trying to reset my password which I had quite  foolishly obviously forgotten. Now there are days when you enter a recpatcha while listening to music, then there are days you frown a little – zoom in and enter the required word, then there are days when you scream and pull out your hair after looking at the reCAPTCHA, and then, after all those days comes a day when you simply laugh out loud,  somewhat at the mind-boggling CAPTCHA but mostly at your inability to solve it even though, after all those bad deeds (yes, I know what you did last night), you are human. You can always reqeust a new CAPTCHA, but then where is the fun in that? 😉

Today was on of one of those days. Pottermore asked me to type a word in a language which I haven’t even written since the past year and half, leave alone typing it.

स्येतानि? Seriously? And then, on top of it, स्येतानि is raised to the power zero, on the wrong side of course. Ask  Voldemort to solve that thing and even he will turn up his nose at you. Oh wait.


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  1. reCAPTCHAs are derived from books as written on the reCAPTCHA website. When these books are scanned to form ebooks out of them then they take out one word that the scanner can read and one word it can't and put it in the reCAPTCHA security code. The word which the scanner can't read, you can put anything in there but the correct one has to be filled correctly. Actually it is a smart was to fend off bots and hackers. You again switched comment providers?

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