Wireless Chargers Will Surely Be A Success – Top 7 Wireless Chargers To Choose From

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Because we live in a world of gadgets, almost all of us own a gadget or two. Gadgets nowadays are so affordable and it even comes with huge promos and discounts that it is very easy to get hold of that new android phone currently released in the market. We have our iPhone for SMS and calls, our iPad for watching videos, Blackberry for email, DS Lite and PSP for playing games, cameras to capture photos and I have just only started. Each of these gadgets come with its own charger and because of this, we often get confused as to what charger goes to what device or where the charger is. Another problem with owning multiple gadgets is that we have to carry all the chargers while travelling.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have just one charger for all our devices? And wouldn’t it be better if we could get rid of those cords which have a stupid habit of getting tangled with each other? We are now off to finally say goodbye to all those tangled wires. Now this is very much possible with the help of Wireless Chargers.

Wireless Chargers differ from the traditional conductive chargers, which need a wire to make a contact with the battery, as this new line of chargers uses inductive technology. In inductive chargers, magnetic and electromagnetic energy is used to induce power transfer wirelessly.

So how do wireless chargers work? With this cool device, you just have to drop your gadgets on the mat that comes with the charger kit. The device will start getting charged. Firstly you need to have a charging mat that you will plug into the wall. Charging sleeve, which is the connecter of the device to the mat, is also needed for each of your device.

This is one drawback of wireless chargers. Since the gadgets out in the market now have no inductive technology built into them, a charging sleeve for each device is needed to use the charging mat. Now this is a disadvantage since charging sleeve can cost around $20 or more (unless there are coupon codes or promo codes that you can use when you purchase the sleeve). The good news though is that the Wireless Power Consortium is developing the Open Inductive Charging Standard (Qi) that will allow compliant devices from different vendors to charge interchangeably. We just don’t know when this will happen as this is only a new standard that existed for just a few months.

Here are some of the wireless charging system that are available now in the market:

1. Powermat 3x with PowerCubeThe Powermat 3x is compatible with almost every device available: Blackberry, Apple, and even Nintendo products. You can also opt to buy in bundle the Powercube, which contains specialized tips for mini USB, micro USB, Apple, Sony PSP and even for old flip phone models. The Powercube lets you connect any device to the Powermat allowing you to charge almost all type of devices.

The Powermat also allows to charge up to three devices at the same time. It also comes with an internal battery so once it is full, you can disconnect the mat from the wall outlet allowing you to charge while mobile.

Price: $79.99

2. Duracell My Grid: Just like the Powermat, the Duracell MyGrid is compatible with almost all phones and gadgets except the Nintendo DS and DSi. But there are a few drawbacks for this model:

  • This wireless charger uses power clip and adapters for Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola handsets which are a bit difficult and cumbersome to use, as the clip has to be glued to the device before it can use the mat to charge.
  • It also does not come with an internal battery so it has to be always plugged to a wall outlet to be able to use it.
  • It has no way to detect and stop the charging if the device’s battery is already full.
  • It still uses the conductive method of charging which requires the device to maintain a precise contact point to the grid in order to charge. So a little movement might tip the device off the grid, and therefore stopping the charging.

Price: $69.99

3. Energizer Inductive Charger: This wireless charger has the potential to top the bill if not for its lack of compatibility with other devices as this charger only works with iPhone 3G/3GS and the BlackBerry Curve.

This wireless charger is compact and smaller compared to the other brands of charger. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage. It is good that it is small so it is easy to carry anywhere you go but this can be a limitation too as the number of devices that you can charge at the same time will be limited (this unit can only charge 2 device at a time on the grid) because of its size. It has a USB port though, which you can use to charge a third device.

Unlike the Duracell MyGrid, it has an automatic shutoff feature, which stops the charging when the device’s battery is full.

Price: $24.21

4.  WildCharge Pad: This wireless charger is from Pure Energy Solutions, which is a new company in this industry. Just like Energizer Inductive Charger, it is compatible with only a few devices: iPhone 3G/3GS, the iPod Touch, and the BlackBerry Curve, Bold andPearl. But this brand pride itself in providing eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.

Just like the Duracell MyGrid, it still uses a conductive technology, which makes connecting the device to the mat and charging it complicated.

Price: $49.99

5.  Dexim Frixbee Wireless ChargerDexim is known for making cool products at a fraction of a price than its competitor. One of this is the Frixbee Wireless Charger which, when once released, will cost only around $80 and it already comes with the charging pad and the charging case. Though this can be a good substitute for the other brands of wireless chargers because of its affordability, the only problem is this device only supports the iPhone 4.

Another issue with this wireless charger is that it may take one or two tries before the device can recognize the iPhone case as the Frixbee requires the right orientation of iPhone case on the mat to begin charging. This wireless charger can charge two iPhone 4s at the same time.

Price: $99.99

6.    Think Geek’s Airvolt Wireless iPhone Charge: Another affordable wireless charger is the AirVolt Wireless Charger from Think Geek. This only cost $50 and it already comes with the charging tray, the charging case and the power adapter.

This wireless charger is compatible with the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS only and can only charge one iPhone at a time. The advantage that I see with this is that it makes using this charger simple unlike other charger where you have to find the perfect alignment for the charging case on the mat. With Airvolt, all you need to do is put the iPhone in the charging case and then put the case on the tray and the charging will start.

Price: $49.99

7.   MiLi Power Magic Wireless Charger: This wireless charger can only be used for iPhone 4 and it even has a certification from Apple as a “Made for Apple” product which means that this is one device that has been tested to be safe for your iPhones.

It can only charge one iPhone at a time but the cool thing about this device is that you can use it as a car charger as the transmission unit can be powered either by wall or car charger so you can use it at home or in your car too.

Price: $145.95

Wireless Charging technology is just new in the market but with a few more developments, it will surely be a great equipment that every gadget lover would want to have.

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