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205 inch – Technovision’s Luxio LED TV

This particular newbie company, Tecnovision, arrived on the scene to top the list from absolutely nowhere. Its monstrous 205 inch Luxio Brought TV first displayed at Cebit breaks all records! The Luxio measures an eye slitting 455×256cm, so you need to get your  television room renovated (or get a new room) simply to accommodate it.

No other information/rumours is/are yet known/have surfaced, but that does not matter since it is meant for a-la-crème of a-la-crème from the society. We’ll probably have to sell our houses twice to be able to afford this thing.

Panasonic’s 4K2K 3D – 152 inch Plasma

Panasonic has created the world’s biggest full-HD 3D plasma TV. It was revealed during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 4K2K has a 152-inch, 4000pixels by 2000pixels (8.84 zillion pixel) screen, along with the standard connectivity features available on other high-end TVs.

The TV actually, is just a larger version (understatement much?) of Panasonic’s current Full 3D PDP (Plasma Show Panel) line. PDP utilizes a brand new process called super-efficient quadruple luminance effectiveness technology. PDP allows  the TV to achieve the same brightness as that of a conventional full-HD panel in about one-quarter of the average response time, allowing and maintaining with  the rapid-moving three dimensional imagery.

3D 1080p LED TV – Samsung 75 inch

Samsung recently introduced LED String 9 TV. Crafted in Steel, its impossibly skinny profile defies all you could know about TV sets, while delivering an event so real that you will end up getting confused between the real and the virtual. It will also provide near to reality feel. Plan for a journey to a new dimension. For home elevators viewing in 3D mode check here. Samsung 3D images TVs combine LCD window screens with LED edge-lights. Due to various capabilities involving different Samsung solutions featuring the Samsung Internet@TV – Content Service and also limitations in your available content, selected advertised features, purposes, and services will not be available on most devices or to all territories.

Picture a TV which shows an image which looks real with colors that’s true-to-life or a TV that’s so big it feels like you have your own movie theater in your own home? Well, that is exactly what LG was thinking once they designed their new TV to become officially launched early this season at the Gadgets Show in Vegas.

Starting the 12 months right, LG, the actual electronic company huge from South Korea, is launching among the largest HDTV on the market today – the actual LG LZ9700 TELEVISION. The LG LZ9700 TV would be the largest Full LED-backlit 3D TV having a 72 inch keep track of to-date. With its screen measuring the whooping 72 inches diagonally, one can think how it would seem like to own one included in a home theater or the numerous viewing pleasures it may provide.  However, there tends to be some speculations regarding the clarity and imagery it’ll bring due to the huge screen.

This HDTV by LG is 59 inches wide and 40 inches tall. Combined with a 72-inch superior screen, one can just imagine what pleasure it may bring to any kind of entertainment system. The brand new LZ9700 TV is available in LG’s famous INFINIA design making to have an ultra-slim depth as well as narrow bezel. This sleek as well as ultra-chic design has created great hype with all of its features LG will certainly be propelled towards the forefront of HDTVs.

LG’s 72 inch LED- LZ9700

The LG LZ9700 provides a whole new meaning to High-Definition Televisions using its 72 inch display and 2D as well as 3D capabilities. This 72 inch LED-backlit TV functions TruMotion 400Hz which smooth edges in fast paced images making TV viewing much more fun.

With the mixture of its 3D abilities and TruMotion 400Hz program, you can anticipate ultra-fast processing with regard to smooth 3D pictures elevating 3D viewing to some whole new degree. Although there are several concerns and doubt concerning the speed and quality of image, the actual TruMotion 400Hz program may put all the doubts to an end.

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