“I can’t believe you’re in this vid” And “Why are you tagged in this video” Spam On Facebook: Reported And Shown In Action

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Remember the time when the revolving/rotating images spam was started on Facebook, how it spread like forest fire and how finally, thanks to a reader of my blog, I was able to write a post on how to get rid of it? Apparently, it doesn’t seem my like my Open Letter To Facebook made a dent in any way because there is a new spam making rounds on Facebook. Pardon me if this is a bad pun but the rounds it is making are pretty big.

It starts with a notification which tells you about a new post on your wall. Quite naturally, the user then goes on to his wall and sees the following picture there (refer to first image of post). The first impression the user gets of the link is that it is a YouTube video and he goes ahead and clicks the button-which-looks-like-a-play-button since the video supposedly involves her; as made clear by the following statements that the links have been seen sporting:

  1. WTF!! <first name of user> why are you in this video
  2. OMG <first name of user> why are you tagged in this video
  3. ROTFL <first name of user> what are you doing in this video
  4. yo <first name of user> why are you tagged in this video
  5. WTF!!<first name of user> I can’t believe you’re in this vid
  6. OMG<first name of user> I can’t believe you’re in this vid
  7. ROTFL<first name of user> I can’t believe you’re in this vid
  8. yo<first name of user> I can’t believe you’re in this vid

As the user quite unknowingly (and yet with her own hands) follows the steps that the video asks the her to take the browser suddenly hangs for a second or two. Why that? Well, because a.) The user is a douchebag and b.) It wasn’t really a video, it was just a badly copied image of some online video streamer, done with the aim of spreading spam in which they (un)fortunately succeeded. Way to go fellas!

I don’t really blame the creator of the spam this time, rather, I blame the users who go through so many steps just to watch a video in which they are supposedly there. Insecurity much? Didn’t you doubt about the veracity of the video even once while going through all those tedious steps?

What are these steps?

For the benefit of my readers (and my own enlightenment) I decided to click on that link to see how it works. I was surprised to find out that just clicking on the play button is not enough to start the script behind the video. To make it work you need to be a proper douchebag. Not the everyday douchebag. The everyday douchebag just doesn’t cut it.

Step 1: You see the post.

You get the notification and click it. You are on your wall now, looking at the spam, right in the eye.


Step 2: You get ready to click the big play button (Why in the Devil’s name?!)

An average user would get curious and probably after seeing his name above the video, insecure as well but I was just b plain bored for I knew what was going to happen.

Step 3: And you click it! BAM!

WOAH! Nothing happened! Well ofcourse, clciking the play button wasn’t supposed to do anything. The main step comes after clicking it. A JavaScript (you were expecting this, right?) has been copied onto your computer’s clipboard and now all you need to do is go to your address bar, paste the script there and boom! press Enter. The video still didn’t play? Awwww… But hey wait, congrats. The same YouTube link that you tried opening has now been posted on several of your friends wall. The number being between 30 and 5000.

The Solution


The solution is simple. Stop being a douchebag.

On a more serious note: There is no solution for this except that you go to each of your friend’s wall and remove that post and/or apologise for your doings because seeing from people’s reaction’s about this spam, I’m sorry to say but you are in trouble. Or you could always follow the following advice:

Stop being a douchebag.

The spam does a lot of damage since there is no real cap on the number of friend’s on who’s wall the video will be posted. Here is the short at the amount of spam it has spread on my newsfffeed.

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