Get Free Pizzas From Domino’s/Pizza Hut

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However far fetched, unbelievable and preposterous it may seem at first but trust me it is possible to get free pizzas from Domino’s/Pizza Hut. Quite obviously it is possible only if you know the trick(s) behind the magic. Tens of times I have updated my Facebook status pertaining to I-Got-A-Free-Pizza-For-No-Reason and have been bombarded with the most obvious question. How?

I have been using these tricks since the last one year and they have worked every time lest once making the success almost a cent percent. It may seem, as I mentioned before, impossible, but it is not. Just follow what you read in this post and you’ll be enjoying a free pizza in no time.

It is with countless hours spent placing orders while trying to make them spill how their system works in order to find some loopholes that I have finally been able to write this post. The success of these tricks don’t depend solely upon how well you follow my instructions but on how well you are at manipulating people, conversing with them and how good a social engineer you are.

Free Pizzas From Domino's/Pizza Hut

How you talk to them is the most vital aspect of the trick, even more vital than the idea behind the trick. Here’s how to get Free Pizzas From Domino’s/Pizza Hut.

Free Pizzas From Domino’s/Pizza Hut

Trick 1 (I call it PH 4513)

I have registered my phone number with both Pizza Hut and Domino’s and receive periodic text messages from both about new schemes and offers. It was because of one of those messages my (Resident) Evil mind gave birth to PH 4513. It was around 7 in the evening when my phone’s light lit, notifying me of a new message. The message was from Pizza Hut and informed of a new scheme, buy-one-get-one-free. The scheme was for limited time. But I didn’t feel like ordering at that time because well, to put it subtlety, I wasn’t in a condition what one would call financially stable.  But I noted down the scheme code because an evil thought had already struck my mind. So after a month when I had enough dough to order a pizza (you saw what I did there?) I called up Domino’s (I prefer it over Pizza Hut) and asked them to take a note of my order but not to place it yet. The following is the conversation which took place between me, the call center executive and his boss. My commentary in parentheses.

Things which will favor you: A registered mobile number, knowledge of their menu, a confident voice and an evil mind which can improvise the trick when needed.

Ring goes…*Tring Tring*

Executive: Welcome to Domino’s. Would you like to try out our new cheese burst pizza?

Me: Err…No, thank you, I ordered that last time and didn’t exactly like it. Today I am in mood for a farmhouse.  (I haven’t ever ordered a cheese burst pizza. I was lying.)

Executive: Very well sir, what size will the pizza be of?

Me: Forget that for a moment. I have this coupon with me which says buy-one-get-one-free and I would like to redeem that coupon.

Executive: Can you tell me the coupon code?

Me: It is PH 4513.

Executive: Hold for a sec, sir.

Me: Don’t take long…

Executive: (after 2 minutes of searching on computer, fumbling with records and consulting with his colleagues) Sir, the computer isn’t recognising this coupon. Is it PH 4513?

Me: How can that be possible? It is PH 4513.

Executive: Where did you get this coupon from?

Me: I received it as a text message from Domino’s yesterday. The text message says

“Buy a medium or small pizza and get a pizza of the same or lesser value absolutely free. Offer applies only on Supreme Veg and Supreme Non-Veg and only till 24th May 2011” (The coupon was Pizza Hut’s)

Executive: Er….Okay…Er…

Me: Can I talk to your senior please? Someone who can take a decision and not ‘er….’?

Executive: Ok sir. Kindly wait.

(After a minute)

Senior Executive: Yes sir, how may I help you?

Me: (sternly) Ask the full story from that guy who picked up my call. I am not going to repeat it all over again.

Senior Executive: (After a minute) can I know the coupon code sir?

Me: Ask the guy. He knows.

Senior Executive: Can you forward me the message sir?

Me: I have it on my other mobile phone which I don’t have at this moment. I can forward it to you in the evening though. But get my order through please. I’m really hungry and on phone since the last 7 minutes. Make it quick.

Senior Executive: Can you read out the message to me?

Me: “Buy a medium or large pizza and get a pizza of the same or lesser value absolutely free. Offer applies only on Supreme Veg and Supreme Non-Veg and only till 24th December”. Now come on, make it quick, I’m starving you are just irritating me now.

Senior Executive: Can you provide any other coupon sir?

Me: *raising voice a little* Why should I?! I have already provided a legitimate coupon. Is it my fault if your stupid computer doesn’t accept it because you don’t update your system frequently?!

Senior Executive: OK, sir. I am placing your order using coupon DH-100. You’ll get you the second pizza free. What will your order be now?

Me *Says thank you, tells the order, asks for the final billing amount and hangs up while giving an evil smile*

Problem 1: If the executive asks you to show the message to the delivery boy on delivery.

Type the message on your phone. Save you mobile number on your phone by the name Domino’s/Pizza Hut and send the message to yourself. 😉 Show it to the delivery boy when he comes.

Problem 2: If the executive refuses to accept the coupon code.

Ask for some complimentary stuff, simple.

As I realised over time, DH-100 is coupon which works all year round but Domino’s doesn’t tell customers about it and uses only in situations like this and similar to this. Only once I have seen printed coupons of DH-100. Don’t take my word for this though. I haven’t tried DH-100 ever, it’s just that time I used this trick they used this coupon to give me the free pizza.

Isn’t it ironical how you can use a PH (stands for Pizza Hut) coupon to get a discount at Domino’s. The same trick can be used at Pizza Hut, just come up with a convincible enough code.

PS: A cousin of mine, who presently works at Pepsi Co. and has worked for both Pizza Hut and Domino’s has confirmed that no employee is forced to pay for the discount that is given to a consumer by him.

PPS: The post may seem short/not detailed enough/long/with too much details but this is the best I could write in an hour. I’ve quit blogging temporary. Ciao.





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  2. No offence, but seems fabbed… and take a look at this. The guy asks you to forward him the message, you say you don't have the mobile. The guy asks you to read it out though, twice, and you do so. Fishy or what.

  3. You said PH 4513 to a Domino's guy and he didn't know that coupon codes starting with PH are of Pizza Hut?

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