I Have Written These Lines

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It’s been some time since I have written a post on my Blog. No, I haven’t got bored of blogging and hopefully never will. It’s my computer, something is wrong with that piece of shit (again). It refuses to display anything on the monitor. My dad has been procrastinating to get the monitor and/or the CPU and/or the RAM repaired and for some reason I don’t even seem to be care about that. With no computer in the house and a very strict computer teacher at school I had some free time on my hand which I wasted in watching Television (which reminds me that will come on TV tomorrow between 8-9/9-10 AM on the show We The People on NDTV).

One great thing happened in the meantime though. I finally wrote a poem! My first and perhaps last (though I hope not). Suggestions/critical comments/random abuses and most importantly appreciation is most welcome.


It started out as a friendly chat
And gave me a thought I seldom had

A hope that I also will now have a friend
A hope that I also will now be your friend

Even though we never talked at length
I remember clearly,
We met when I was in tenth

Even though the time I spent with you was always limited
I somehow knew
I had found a friend that befitted

Then came a sudden turn
Trust me, it made me burn

Things changed and are ways parted
and ended the relationship which we had started

No, I don’t blame you
For I never had the right to claim you

I still miss you at times
And hence standing against my bedroom chimes
I have written these lines

If you ever took our friendship seriously
I hope we will go back to being what we had been previously.

A poem “I Have Written These Lines” by Pulkit Kaushik. 😉

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