For The YouTuber In Me Post #7

Categories Humour, YouTube
  • Don’t throw away your old VCR (that is, if you haven’t already)! It houses things which have brought the electrical revolution in the present era. Besides have a 12 cell battery pack, an iPod touch (usually a 64 GB but seldom a 32 GB) can be found kept near the iPad which rests on top of a Nokia N900. Some manufactures also throw in (not literally) a couple of Wi-Fi routers also;just in case you didn’t need them. When I opened mine, I found a YouTube comment written on paper! Can you believe it!
  • It’s a McDonald commercial you laugh on but not definitely laugh your head off (atleast the woman shown at the end cannot).
  • I have seen some really weird stuff and have also posted on on my blog a couple times here and here. This however, is a type of weird of a totally different level. I wonder why the Issspiderman looks like an alien from Mars.
  • The smallest artistic creations in the history of humankind. One of the creations is as large small as a Red Blood Cell of a human being. And you were cribbing about your laptop being too big.

  • This is hilarious! Some Russian (?) chips brand made an awesome animation about PacMan entering Mario’s world.

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