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This is a guest post by Ralph. Ralph is a blogger who mainly  writes on travel blogs but decided to write out of his comfort zone. If you would like to write for TheDolt’s Blog, do read our page Be My Guest; Write A Guest Post.

Twitter is used daily to send out many vacancies. I would like to have a look at the various services and see what the difference we might find between them.

Jobseekers perspectives

I would first like to have a look at the service that is offering.

TweetMyJOBS offers Targeted JobChannels assuring  but before you can get those targeted jobs  Instantly into your Twitter or email account, you must sign up. The service is free for Jobseekers.

What are the benefits of signing up ?

  • Be able to search for jobs using what they call a  TweetMap, a Google Maps enabled job tool
  • Receive INSTANT notification of new jobs in your Twitter feed or on your mobile device
  • Have access to thousands targeted JobChannels™, so you only get the jobs that match your profile in your feed
  • Post (and tweet) your resume and custom profile to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers

What are you able to do as JobSeeker ones you are signed up ?

Suggested Twitter users

  • @LaurianaZ (tips, and handy information on how to find the right job)
  • @QuintCareers (Carreer development site with loads of tuts, tests and articles)

After checking all these great resources it’s time to setup the jobchannels.

I first selected the country from a simple dropdown list, in addition I select my skill. I selected Writing/Editing and I did NOT select any country, giving me a great overview of all the channels available worldwide for writing/editing. Giving me the overview of all the channels does not mean that all channels are active or have been receiving job postings.

In order to see of it makes sense to add the JobChannel to your free subscription you can have a preview on the channel.

If a job appear in a channel you can be sure that it is an active job. According to Tweetmyjobs they remove the Twitter/FB/Linkedin postings.

After setting up the JobChannel or Channels I was good to go … this seems to be a good service for people who are searching a job using Twitter and Facebook.

Employer perspectives

What does TweetMyJOBS do for the companies who have vacancies to fill ? Let me summarize the things TweetmyJOBS can do for employers.

  • Reach targeted candidates via TweetMyJOBS’ vertical job channels
  • Brand promotion on Twitter – incorporate the companies logo onto job tweets
  • Brand protection – TweetMyJOBS is not an aggregator and therefore the only jobs we post are from paying clients or select strategic partners, thereby avoiding spam or junk postings
  • Direct job seekers directly to where clients want them to go such as the companies career site – limit click by applicants and also
  • Manage job tweets via deletion and removal of old and inactive job tweets.  TweetMyJOBS is the only service doing this.
  • Analyze results using robust analytics for reporting purposes
  • Create customizable hashtags for job search optimization
  • Utilize source codes on URLs for tracking
  • Retweet jobs automatically (removal of old tweet and posting of a new tweet)
  • Reach candidates globally – TweetMyJOBS has Job Channels for every country in the world
  • Create a mini ‘careers site’ on UNLIMITED Facebook pages
  • Segment and post jobs to recruiters’ Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts
  • Use a branded TweetMyJOBS JobsMAP to promote open position and help with mobile recruiting due to the fact they add the latitude and longitude to every jobs they post

These are my findings so far. I am unable for the moment to track a service who does the same as TweetMyJOBS. Let me know if you did …

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