Perhaps you already know that I have just recovered from a serious illness known as Writer’s Block and to give myself a break I’m a pass to the full review of C.O.Я.E 2010. All you need to know is there in the next paragraph.

C.O.Я.E 2010 was organised by Delhi Public School Dwarka. It was one hell of an event. From Domino’s Pizza to the Programming language LOGO, it had everything. One of the best events I have been to this year. The overall was bagged by DPS RKPee (yet again) while New Era Pulic School secured the 1st Runners Up and DPS noida emerged as the 2nd Runners Up for the Overall. One thing worth mention here is that NEPS (go figure if you haven’t already) won only because of the quizzes and the Crossword. They won nothing anywhere else. I’ll qoute Rohan Nagpal from DPS RKPee here

They came just for quizzing and blew it man! Comendable!

10 minutes of pure Torture.

For DPS Vasant Kunj it was a sad event. I went for Hardware, Surprise Event and Senior Quiz. Couldn’t do surpirse event properly because I turned up late for it since I was trying to do the Hardware Prelims which though took me to the next round (finals) easily but returned nothing in the Finals. I didn’t qualify for the Senior Quiz. Missed by 3 points. And guess what, I knew 2 more which I didn’t write in the paper. The school did relatively well though. We came first in Video Editing (Vaibhav Gulati and Sidharth Raja), first in PowerPoint Presenatation and First in Gaming (Mrinal Datt). Mrinal raped beat the gamer of DPS Noidea so bad that at one point while throwing away the controller of the Xbox 360 he said “I quit”.

Image Credits C.O.Я.E


Download the Senior Quiz Prelims of C.O.R.E 2010

Download the Junior Quiz Prelims of C.O.R.E 2010

Download the Hardware Prelims of C.O.R.E 2010

Download the Crossword Prelims of C.O.R.E 2010

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