A Successful Shift To WordPress.org From WordPress.com (And Lots Of News!)

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News: This Blog (yes, this shitty blog) has been moved  to WordPress.org, the daddy of WordPress.com (my earlier host). You probably didn’t observe any change (except the domain perhaps) but this whole freaking thing is new! It’s on a new host. Now uses a different CMS (Content Management System or say noobikly, software). Has a new domain name [that long thing which has a dot (.) in it which you see in the place where you enter Google.com]. It now has plugins, advertisements and what not. The only thing that the blog misses now is a Vampire (unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t offer Vampires with its shitty service).

The Official Announcement

My old blog (oh I miss it, bah) was at http://TheDolt.WordPress.com (and is still there, you just don’t see it anymore). It has now been taken over by this website (http://Pulkit.Me). All the content is still there. Not one thing has changed. I had been using WordPress.com for a year and had planned to shift on my blog’s birthday but thanks to GoDaddy, I couldn’t. Seriously, if you are thinking of switching too and trying to find a host then look everywhere but GoDaddy. Had I had the choice I would have gone for either HostGator or BlueHost.

The New Domain

The new domain, Pulkit.Me, is not something that I had thought of buying. Actually, I don’t like this domain name at all but anyway, now that I have it I’ll have to live with it. The domain that I had thought of buying just blows people’s minds in most cases (except when people don’t have a mind). Even the thought of it gives me goosebumps. The domain that I had thought of buying was


Note: If it didn’t blow away your mind then no worries, just have some fun and have a blast while you are at it. It will blow your mind. If it still didn’t then you probably are one of those who don’t have a…Well, you did get my drift, didn’t you?

Then why didn’t I buy that domain? To say it subtly, it was just way too expensive. It was costing me about $35 or Rs 1500. 1500 bucks for a domain seemed too much then, but I now, when I look back, I think I should have bought it. The new domain was bought from JaoPapa GoDaddy, BTW.

The New Host

The host, or the company/website which is hosting my blog (keeping all the very very very important files on its server) is GoDaddy. And take my word, I don’t trust them. Fortunately, I don’t have to pay for hosting. Aditya Kumar who just shifted to WordPress.org himself, Xzhibit.Com, is sharing his hosting with me and paying for it. 🙂

The New Theme

Er..Well, the blog doesn’t have a new theme as of now but it was supposed to have one by now. I have spent hours trying to find a good theme but all of which I have seen till now are just not good enough. Those which are good enough are not free :/ But I will be changing the theme and will be using a premium one  (a paid one that is) for sure. Hold your horses because it might take some time. If you know of a good theme can you not be such an a-hole and please give the link in the comments?

Whatever Happened To TheDolt.WordPress.Com?

As I mentioned before, it is still there, you just don’t see it. I bought this upgrade from WordPress.com called Offsite-Redirect. What it does is, it redirects all the users which may happen to open my old blog, be it by clicking a link on some website or directly entering the old name in their browsers. The old blog’s links are still shown in Google and other search engines but I think they are there to stay. This upgrade didn’t even made me lose all the link-backs (or the lack of) that my old blog accumulated over time. My presence on search engines has not been affected as well. According to me, the money spent on buying the upgrade was money well spent. The upgrade just rocks. The moment I was finished paying and pressed redirect, the upgrade kicked in and started diverting my traffic.

How Was The Whole Switching Process?

To sum up in one word, it was disappointing. I had expected it to be easy and quick. Had it been difficult it wouldn’t have been a problem but it didn’t turn out to be quick and that’s THE problem. Every small change required 10-15 minutes of waiting. And when it didn’t work out the way I wanted I had to make the changes again thus repeating the whole process. It was GoDaddy at fault everywhere. Finally when GoDaddy stopped being a PITA WordPress.org came along and ruined my day. The XML (or WXR) file that I had exported from my WordPress.com refused to transfer images that I had spent hours uploading on my old blog. WordPress.org still showed the images but they linked to my old blog which if not wrong was not what I wanted. So after wasting a few hours on it I finally got it working.

I see that this paragraph bored you. Just imagine the level of my boredom while I was going doing all this (typing the paragraph is included).

How Much Did All This Non-sense Cost Me?

There’s nothing known as a free lunch. Accept that. It just doesn’t exist. I could have opted for one of the free hosting websites but I don’t trust them. They can shut down whenever they want. No notice given before hand, just plain shut down. It’s like the BSOD on Windoze. Aditya Kumar came to my rescue and bought a 2 year Grid Deluxe Hosting for himself which supports upto 5 websites. He gave one out of the 5 to me. That reminds me, I still need to give him a treat.

Hosting is in most cases the most expensive buy but I didn’t have to pay for it, YAY ME! I still paid for the domain, $8.99 for a .Me domain and $12 to WordPress.com for Offsite Redirect upgrade. That’s roughly $20 or Rs 1000. Trust me, it’s a steal.

Hey, wait! There’s A Thank You Speech Too!

This new blog that you see here (it’s still shitty, by the way) couldn’t have been here had it not been for Aditya Kumar, Ankur Banerjee and Pritesh Gupta (its in alphabetical order Pritesh, now stop crying). I would have shifted months back if I had access to a credit card but sadly I still don’t and to buy either a domain, or hosting or an the Offsite Redirect upgrade one needs either a Credit Card or a PayPal account (which requires a PAN number :/). Pritesh Gupta came to my rescue here and bought everything for me. I still have to pay him back though. Plus, he also helped me set up the blog. I cannot thank him enough. Ankur Banerjee being the tech guy took his duty as the troubleshooter. He mended a few things concerning to the DNS and a few others which I didn’t knew even existed. To speak like Master Yoda

Nice guy, he is.

Aditya however was the one who helped most. Though a little slow in replying to messages, email and phone calls he helped me a lot 😀

PS: This was the big announcement, just in case you didn’t realize tubelight. 😛

PPS: Pritesh has so many websites I got confused which one to link. But I think this is least I can do (by giving him a backlink). Here is his website 1, website 2, website 3 and finally website 4.

10 thoughts on “A Successful Shift To WordPress.org From WordPress.com (And Lots Of News!)

  1. congrats! man. after almost 70K visitors it was time you changed and yeah the adsense rectangle in the sidebar is not fitting …try a smaller one! just a tip 🙂

  2. Yay!

    Most welcome man!

    I don't mind helping you! 🙂

    And having my name in last is not a big issue.

    And thanks for giving me backlink(and giving me some extra hits). =/

    Also, congrats for you WordPress.org blog!

    Its quite awesome!

    And for the theme part, let me me know for any help.

    And this one^^ is my primary URL which I link most.

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