I have been itching to write this post since a long time. This was the event (in 2009) on which I wrote my first Blog post ever. It’s been a little over 1 year since that. My blog also turned 1 during this period of time.

CODE 2010, Apeejay School, Noida’s annual Tech Symposium was organised on 2nd and 3rd December 2010. Read the review or either go through the summary.

In short: It was one of the worst events ever for Code Warriors. Leave alone winning the overall (which has bagged by DPS Mathura Road), the only event we got a podium finish in was the Senior Quiz, which was my event. I wonder why they called it the Senior Quiz when it was an open quiz.

PS: I came third in quiz.

Want more, you say? Read on then fellas. Here I start one of my extra long posts again.


Last time I went to CODE 2009, I qualified but messed up the finals. Or to say, someone else messed it up. But anyway, leaving that for now. I was teamed up with Vaibhav Gulati (yet again) for the Senior Quiz. I’ll not bother you with any more team details since I already sense that you are fearing it but I do need to mention the gaming participants for a reason (which will be reveled shortly). So here it is, Aditya Kumar and *drumrolls please*, *some more please*, *a little more drum-rolls wouldn’t hurt, now would they?*, *now stop this! It’s getting irritating*, Mrinal Datt.

Thankfully Noida is far from my school. At least enjoyed the bus ride with my fellows Code Warriors this time unlike during Exun 2010 and DynamiX 2010.

Reached a bit late but thankfully the event was a little off schedule (just as I had anticipated). For the first time I wrote my name in field “Student In-charge” while registering.

It gave me goosebumps.

Done with the registrations et al we settled in the mind-bogglingly huge auditorium. The screen for the Projector was so huge that the image projected form the projected looked distorted. I don’t how people manged to see what was being shown on it. All I could see were pixels. Huge pixels.

The chances of getting an overall looked pretty good at that time but fate new better. The judges had a really bad taste. Students as judges are always a better alternative to other way round. The Web Designing event went really well for Aseem and Nitin Jerath but somehow they ended up winning nothing. I personally went to see their Digital Imaging and I can assure you that though it was not the best among other participants, it did deserve a podium. The gaming event didn’t go well either. Aditya Kumar lost 4-0 to some Y guy from X school who looked like Y guy from X school.

The quiz prelims is something that I think I can (and should) talk at length about. It didn’t go well but from the marks that we got it was pretty good considering the fact that I *forgot to write* a couple of answers. We troubled the invigilators a bit too 😛 The Prelims were good. Actually very good but one thing spoiled my mood. And that one thing can spoil anybody’s mood. Tell me, when we wrote“Any team that can arrange for an iPad and smash it to pieces with a sledgehammer within the duration of the quiz will be given direct entry to the final round, along with ALL the answers to the final round questions.” in the Senior Quiz prelims of Code Wars 2010 were we serious? It’s supposed to be a joke! But looks like the people who made the paper (or checked it) took it seriously. They wrote “Humorous answers will be appreciated and marks will be awarded”. It was also written that “Incase of a tie, the team with more correct answers will be selected”. Now think, doesn’t that contradict what they said earlier? It would have ended right there but the reason I am writing this obscure fact here, on my blog, is because they gave 3 points to a DPS Noida team just because they gave more funny answers. On top of that they also told a member of one team that they are disqualifying them. When asked for a reason a member of the clan replied “Just like that. My wish”.

But now, when I look back at it, I think it could all have been a small mistake on the clan’s side who’s repercussions went on to be a little more serious than they should have. The problem was later sorted out and the clan was seen to be very supportive. The clan was at fault nevertheless.

Back to the prelims-The questions were very easy. I missed a few sitters but no worries, they didn’t hurt us. The quiz can be found at the end of the post. Give it a go. See how many you can get. My score was 14 (I guess) while the highest was 16 (I’m sure). Cut off was pretty low, somewhere around 7-8 (again, I guess).

The gaming event turned out to be more interesting than anyone could anticipate. The rules were altered a bit and the second member (Mrinal Datt) went on to play Unreal Tournament against a guy who had beaten everybody else. Mrinal had earlier gone for Surprise Event and hence was unaware of the alteration in rules and therefore turned up late for the gaming event. I had asked GVK Vishal if Mrinal knew about the gaming thing to which Vishal replied

Haan, haan. He knows.

As it turned out, Mrinal didn’t.

I talked to the teacher. Tried to persuade the teacher but no, she wouldn’t listen.  It was only when I finally pointed out that it was the school’s mistake that they altered the rules without telling every participant personally that she finally gave in. The game was, as I mentioned before was Unreal Tournament 2004. The format was race to 5 ( or frag to 5). With his gear set up, Mrinal started playing.

One minute into the game and the score is 4-0 with Mrinal loosing. Mrinal aka The Smart Ass grabs something that looked like a rocket, fires it somehow managed to blow himself up. The score was then 4- (-1). Yes, that’s a negative 1. Don’t know what happened after that. The gamer in him awoke and with a killing spree of 6 kills Mrinal won the Prelims and hence qualified. 😀

This is how Mrinal “Emo” Datt gave all us a heart attack followed by a number of Kevin! shouts.

The first day had almost ended by then. It got delayed by an hour though. With qualification in only Gaming and Quiz, the chances of the overall, as Aditya Kumar said on his blog in his post about Code Day 1, looked bleaky.

Well, if you have survived till here then a little more wouldn’t hurt.

Day 2

Since the chances of an overall looked bleaky, I wasn’t much excited about the second day. Thanks to Harpreet ma’am for turning up late and then the bus driving vanishing from just in front of our eyes and a jam in the way, we reached Apeejay Noida an hour late. I thank the clan members personally for cooperating with us. Had they not picked up their phones or not waited for us, I’m pretty sure we would have missed the event. This is what I was thinking on the way.

When I reached I realised that the event was not a bit off schedule, it had no particular schedule. The Senior quiz which was supposed to start at 9 am didn’t start till 11. In meantime we were shown the top 6 videos for the event Video-Editing. Only two out of the six were good IMHO. One was DPS Mathura Road’s (I’d give 6/10) and one was DPS Noida’s ( I’d give a 10/10). The amount of effort that the Noida guys had put in was incomparable. They had actually shot their own videos unlike other teams who just took some images (from Google, mind you) and put them in sequence with some weird effects playing around. As I mentioned earlier, the judges (teachers) had a bad taste. DPS Noida came third while Mathura Road got nothing. One of the teams videos even had a watermark on their videos telling that they used a trial version of a software.

Image Credit eSpice

The quiz then started. I was desperate for a win. Two rounds into the quiz and our score was 5 while the maximum any team had was 10. There was still time to catch up. The third round was rapid fire. After seeing the rapid fire questions of other teams I got a bit tensed. 6 questions were to be asked, each for 2 points. The maximum any team got correct was 4, which was us. It could have been 5 had I not panicked and blurted out a wrong answer (said Poland instead of Finland, got confused between the two). It could have also made us come 2nd in the quiz instead of 3rd.

The last round was pretty interesting. The teams who qualified on day 1 were told to get 3 questions from home out which 1 will be asked to another team that will be onstage. The questions needed to be tech inclined. Needless to say, everyone got some really weird questions. I wasn’t expecting myself or Vaibhav to get any of the questions correct. I had given three questions and then gave them the final one considering the fact that it was Open-Source based. With 15 points for correct answer, this round could turn the tables. The question was:

What was Fedora Core 1’s codename?

The answer is Yarrow. Nobody got it right just like nobody got anyone else’s question right. The round literally turned out be a “dry round”

The finals scores were:

1st DPS Mathur Road: 16

2nd DPS Noida: 14

3rd DPS Vasant Kunj: 13 (would have been 15 had I not messed up)

The teacher was adamant on leaving while I adamant on staying because  I wanted my trophy and prize. Eventually she won and we left while another teacher stayed behind to collect the prizes and trophies. I haven’t seen my trophy or price yet 🙁

Considering the fact that CODE 2010 didn’t have any sponsors, the event was good. They even had prizes!


Download the Senior Quiz Prelims paper here (it’s a little big, sorry :P)

Download the Senior Programming paper from here.

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17 thoughts on “CODE 2010

  1. Hey guys on d behalf of code i apologies for probleums u guys hd to face… we actully hd an amazing turn up dis years far more than last year which let us to a little caos. Nd as far as schedule ws concernd we did delay it delibratly cos we wntd all d schools registerd to be able to compete wid full potential. i hop u understand guys.. For ur convinience we hd chang certain regulation. Though still we faced lot of probleums bt at d end of the day except 1 school all went bak wid a smile. nd i hop u guys enjoyd our promotional video or wat eve u cud c on dat screen nd i am d next president of dis club nd will make sure dat its a 100% succes nd controvrcy free event.
    sorry nd thnks for makin it a success

  2. hope the senior programming papers were easy . just a little bbit llof here and there by me and the code president lead us to both the papers.
    the banana question from the prelims was i should say sweet and i guess every single person out of the 21 teams bugged me for tht one (specially the St. Cloumba's team)

    and hope everyone liked the event. Alast we changed the history of CODE


  3. Those guys were very disorganised. It was all down to a calculation error. I had to fight with the entire school for that, and later it was as trivial as a calculation error… And since morning I was shouting at them to recheck the paper. Had they done that, the chaos would have not been there. Nor would the event have attracted so much of criticism, and bad publicity…

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