TheDolt’s Blog’s 2nd Monthly Traffic Report: November 2010

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My blog completed its first year 4 days back on 27th November

It turned one!

Even though it might have gone unnoticed and you might not still give a damn but it is an achievement. I couldn’t write a post that day because of a shitty Chemistry Monday Test which went well, by its name, shitty. Also, there’s a huge announcement coming up. Hold your horses because I am not going to make it today. It will be made in the coming week. Till then you may feast on or plainly ignore this Blog’s 2nd Monthly Traffic report for the month of November 2010 and might even like to compare it with October’s Traffic.

The traffic as I had anticipated, increased. But my expectation for the coming month has decreased because the increase in the past month was not much. I couldn’t write many posts because of various reasons. One of which is the Star Wars Series. The other being studies. I am (hardly) studying in 11th, just in case you didn’t know. So, without wasting any more of your worthless time here is the report.

The blog received almost 15000 views in November. The exact figure can be seen in the images. It missed the 15000 mark by some 150 odd page views 🙁 Though an improvement on last month, there is still scope for more traffic.

Graph Per Day

Recent Weeks

Average Per Day

Months And Years

The aim now it to cross the 15K mark. The 30K aim which I mentioned about last time is on hold for now 😉

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