Browser Review: RockMelt (Not Really, Just Kidding)

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Rockmelt_A browser made basically for people who swear by social networking sites. A browser for people who don’t care about anything except Google, Facebook, Twitter et al. A browser which supposedly rocks. A browser which disappointed me.

Signing up for an invite to RockMelt and waiting for two days to get to use a browser and eventually not getting an invite was not enough. You probably cannot empathize with me when I realized that the invite sent to me by Ankur Goel was nothing more than spam for me. The reasons were quite apparent which I will point out in a short while. Living in a time when Open Source has penetrated every possible barrier how can you not except a browser to be available for Linux users? Are we not Social Networking addicts? Oh my mighty God! (aka Richard Stallman) Remember when I took the pledge to ditch Windoze and go Open Source? You probably have got what this post is about. No, obviously it’s not a review of RockMelt. Rather this post preaches the people who made RockMelt to make it available for Linux Users! Till then I shall cry (and drop tears).

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