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After the immense success of the post Free Demonoid Invite(s) (and the extra s), with over 500 invites being sent, another giveaway is being started by me. Free Qwiki Invites.

Qwiki is the world’s first “information experience”, powered by a technology that transforms static information into interactive stories.” In my opinion, it just rocks. However, since it is still in alpha and can improve a lot. I have personally given my feedback to the administrators to do my part. Qwiki basically came to lime light after winning TechCruch’s Startup Battlefield award (and $50,000).

I have unlimited invites. Just let those comments flow!

I (like all other users, I suppose) have unlimited free invites to Qwiki. I had signed up for an invite but was given one only after a week. By that time a friend of mine, Prempal Singh had already sent me an invite. To be truthful, sending invites is an pain in the ass and therefore I put several conditions before sending an invite to anyone. Not only because it would help my blog get more exposure but also because it will separate the genuine users from the users who just want an invite to impress their geeky friends. A genuine user would go to any length to get an invite. I ask you, the genuine user to just follow these guidelines if you wish to get invited to Qwiki.

Step 1: Subscribe to this Blog’s feed by clicking here. And make sure you ACTIVATE your subscription by clicking the required link which may come in your mail box.

Step 2: Tweet about this post by clicking any one of the tweet button that you see below or create one of your own tweets. If you don’t use twitter, post this post’s link on Facebook by either copy pasting the link or by using the Facebook button below. You may also wish to “Like” the post using the button below. The link to the post is is

You may tweet the following:

Get free Qwiki invites now! #TheDolt @TheDolt #Qwiki

TheDolt is my username on Twitter. You may follow me on twitter if you like. And do expect a follow back. 🙂

Step 3: Leave a comment below with the E-mail ID on which you want the invite to  be sent. The E-mail ID should be a part of your comment. Also include the link to the tweet that you made about this post.

Step 4: There is no step 4. See? It’s not that difficult!

This giveaway is open till November 20th as of now. Most probably the date will be extended.

Note: Invites will be sent twice a day! You should expect a waiting time of about 6 hours which is way better than the 7 days I did.

Happy Qwikking!

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