Apple Teases: Says "Tomorrow Is Just Another Day That You Will Never Forget"

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I went over to to check if something more new than 50+ iTunes updates have been released. An guess what, I saw this there just like all Apple FanBoys did. (I am not one, mind you).

What is it? Any guesses? I sincerely hope that Apple is discontinuing this iTunes shit. Or perhaps Steve Jobs is going to announce that he uses a Zune after all.

A comment by HerbieDerb on Engdaget’s post about this mysterious announcement says

You reminded me of a funny quote from one of the best documentaries I’ve seen: “The top French pilot in WWI shot down 24 enemy planes. The top American pilot, you don’t know his name do you?.. nobody does.. but it’s Eddie Rickenbacker, shot down 26 enemy planes. The German Ace, the Red Baron.. everyone knows who the Red Baron is.. that’s cuz he shot down 87 enemy planes. I mean he was the best. There’s just.. there’s a level of difference between people.” – Billy Mitchell

The only difference here is that #2 or #3 (or whatever Apple is) has the power to distort reality and reinvent something thats been around for years. Even though Apple is late to this game, it will be remembered as the one who revolutionized it… again.

This guys got some dough. Though I don’t agree with him as much as I’d like to but yes, to some extent he is right.

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