Can You Call Yourself A Blogger?

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This is quiz. This might be a quiz. This might not be a quiz. This is not a quiz.

This is an introspection.

So you have a Blog and call yourself a Blogger. But ARE you a Blogger (why are you reading this anyway if you don’t?) ? Can you reply “yes” to the question “Are you a blogger” when asked by a Blogger? Let’s see how well you score in this introspection.

Q1. Do You Have A Blog? (Go ahead, feel free to curse me)

Q2. How many posts/article/entries have you published till date?

Q3. What is your post frequency? In other words how many posts on average do you publish in a month? Or when did you publish your last post?

Q4. How long is a post on your Blog on an average?

Q5. Have you EVER plagiarized stuff (copy pasted) without linking back/taking permission from the original author?

Q6. Do you proofread your articles before publishing? Do you make sure that all the I’s are I’s and not i’s?

Ans 1. Seriously dumb question. If answered yes, give yourself 5 points.  Otherwise (no) give yourself a -5. It won’t matter anyway.

Ans 2.

  1. If you have published 300+ articles then give yourself 20 points.
  2. If you have published 200+ articles then give yourself 15 points.
  3. If you have 100-200 posts then give yourself 10 points.
  4. Anything less then 100 counts for 0 points. 😛


  1. If published a post today/will publish today, yesterday AND the day before yesterday, give yourself 20 points.
  2. If published a post within the last week (7 days), give yourself 15 points.
  3. If published a post within last 2 weeks (14 days), give yourself 10 points.
  4. Anything published before 2 weeks, give yourself a nice little egg and eat it while you are at it.

Ans 4.

  1. If the average number of word are somewhere in the range of 400-800 then you deserve 15 points.
  2. If the average number of words are somewhere in the range of 800+ then take 20 points.
  3. If the average is less than 300 then you should take 10 points.
  4. Less than 300? Why do you even Blog? Why not just update your Facebook status instead by bypassing the 420 character limit?

Ans 5

  1. Never! =20 points (applies only when you have a blog with at least 50 posts)
  2. Once = -10 points (Yes, that’s a negative. There I said it!)
  3. LOLZZZZ!! LOADS OF TIME DUDE!= Never mind, go to your favourite website.

Ans 6

  1. “Gimme a break! i=I!” =Give yourself -5.
  2. Er..How can I publish a post without proofreading? =20 points.
  3. Sometimes. e.i when I have free time.=5 points.
  4. Proofreading? What’s that? Tell me now because I never Google stuff! =-342432212 ponts.

What  Was Your Score?

I tried very hard not to be biased while typing out the answers. Anything more than 60 and you can call yourself a blogger. This is not a criteria, just a quiz from a vella Code-Borier :P.

I scored 90. What was your score? Share in the comments!

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