Internet Safety And Virus Prevention

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Internet is one of the most benevolent inventions of this century. However, like Pandora’s Box it comprises a mixed composition of good and bad in it. With cyber criminals becoming more and more technically sound, even governments are concerned about the Internet safety. Today with every bit of information available on the Internet, even a school student can easily understand and successfully try hacking techniques using the hacking tips available on the Internet.

With the Internet expanding exponentially every second, who needs one of these?

While people are afraid of the cyber criminals that can drain away their hard earned money on one side, there is yet another threat that comes from the new types of virus the emerge day after day in the Internet on the other side. Major anti- virus service providers keeping these multiple threats in mind have designed a package that covers all of the potential Internet threats including new type virus, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, malware, malicious cookies and the like.

In order to keep your data safe, it is mandatory to follow certain norms that could save you much. For instance, keeping the fire wall active, updating of operating systems at frequent intervals and installation of total security anti-virus packages against all possible threats is important to avert any unexpected loss of data. Care should be taken that these packages if already install should be renewed on due date to prevent cut in service.

When it comes to Internet safety of the children, you can use the parental controls in your browser to block certain type of content that could spoil the innocence of your children. It is important to close the browser immediately after you do a financial transaction such as online banking or shopping in the Internet café. If you follow the above steps with care, you can enjoy at most Internet safety and prevent viruses from intruding into your systems.

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  1. Reading your Post is very interesting specially the topic which is pointing to the managers. It is true that many employees hide their problems so its up to the managers on how the way they will handle this very serious situation cause were living in a very competitive world.

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