TheDolt's Blog's 1st Monthly Traffic Report: October 2010

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Everyday I see numerous dead Blogs_Blogs which were setup but nothing or almost nothing was ever written on them or a blog which hasn’t been updated in a long time_ and seeing them I wonder why did the authors of these blogs gave up blogging? 2 of the many reasons for that are:

  • Couldn’t find enough time
  • Expectations were too high

I can’t help you with not being able to find time to Blog but one thing I can tell you as a blogger is that don’t expect to earn within a month through your Blog or don’t even expect to get a substantial number of visitors everyday within a month. Traffic building takes time. Lot of time. And to make sure that expectation of my readers who I hope will start Blogging in the future and stick to it and for my fellow bloggers I am starting this series of posts “TheDolt’s Blogs’ Monthly Traffic Report” so that my readers and my fellow bloggers get an idea of what traffic actually is.

Now since doesn’t allow and  support Google Analytics or any other Analytics script, the statistics that you will see below and in subsequent posts will be limited to some very few factor (unless I shift to, which I am planning to). Bounce rates, percentage of traffic from organic (Google, Bing et al) and some more statistics are unknown to me. Every month on the first or on a day near it, a post will be published telling my fellow Bloggers about the traffic that TheDolt’s Blog received that month 🙂

Don’t think I’m trying to show off here. With only 14,000 Page Views, there is nothing to show off about. I aim for 30,000 Page Views per month.

TheDolt’s Blogs’ Monthly Traffic Report: October 2010

My got 14,000 views (well almost!) this month. As I said before, since doesn’t support support any kinds of analytics I cannot provide you any particulars. These screenshots I suppose will make sure that you get an idea of the traffic that I get. It’s going to be the Blog’s first anniversary soon but that does not that mean that these stats are the result of 12 months work. I started blogging seriously only from April 2010 onwards. Anything before that is not worth taking into account.

Note: Click images to get a more closer and/or clear look in case the image is a little blurry.

13,436 views in October. Not bad. Not good.
Crossed the 1000 Page Views mark on October 20th.
Traffic is not constant. It's like a rollercoaster, it goes down and then comes back up to go down again.
People like to enter short strings, unlike me. Demonoid may at the top but it is not the post which gets me the maximum traffic.

I will say it once more. I do not blog for traffic. Yes, traffic does motivate me but love for writing is what drives me. 😉 Hoping November will witness more traffic.

Are you a Blogger? Share your traffic report in the comments!

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