Lateral Thinking Post #5

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Lateral thinking

Here I present yet another post for the series Lateral Thinking with totally new and bind-boggling questions. Once again 5-6 questions have been presented and you have to try and an answer them. Though I bet you can’t, but then last time I checked, trying was free.

The answers have been provided below but have been encrypted using the same encryption as last time. Clicking the encrypted answers will take you to the answer in its decrypted form.

Update: Answers are no longer encrypted.

Yet again I repeat. Please refrain from using Google. It may give you the answer but not the satisfaction.

Lateral thinking
Lateral thinking


  1. Two people in a room alone. One looks around and realizes he’s going to die. How did he realize it?
  2. An avid birdwatcher sees an unexpected bird. Soon he’s dead. How?
  3. In his own home a man watches as a woman dies. He loves that women, yet does nothing to save her. Why?
  4. Bruce wins the race, but he gets no trophy. Why?
  5. A man leaves a motel room at night with his deaf wife inside, goes to his car picks up some stuff, honks the horn and returns. Why did he honk the horn?


  1. The two people are Siamese twins. One wakes up, notices that the other one is dead, and realizes he will die soon, too.
  2. He saw the bird at 20,000 feet get sucked into an engine.
  3. He saw it happening on TV.
  4. Bruce is a Horse.
  5. It’s the middle of the night. The man goes outside to get something from his car, but forgets which room he was in.Since his wife is deaf he honks the car horn loudly, waking up everyone else in the motel. The other residents all get up and turn on their lights, and the man returns to the one room that remains dark.

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