GetSocial Live's Website Hacked By iSORPiTX

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iSKORPiTX (Turkish Hacker)

I went over to GetSocial Live’s Website today to get some HTML code. I saw this there

iSKORPiTX (Turkish Hacker)
iSKORPiTX (Turkish Hacker)

The Website has been hacked by an Turkish hacker named iSKORPiT (an Apple fanboy, perhaps?) He says

Fucked israel fucked armenian

best regards to all world

While on the left bottom corner you see “canakkale” wriiten (khana kha le? Is he hungry?). Don’t take him for a newbie, a quick Google search tells you that he is a professional hacker and has hacked numerous sites (more info here). He also has a Fan Page on Facebook (I became a fan even though I hate the fact that he hacked the site which I use on a daily basis).

UPDATE: GetSocial Live’s original site is back online.

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