My Name Is A Term on Urban Dictionary *Blushes* *Blushes Some More*

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I know you love this shitty Blog. Even I do. I know this Blog gets lot of traffic. Even I get (i.e road Traffic). But seriously lurkers (there, I said it!) there was no need to honor me in this way. You ask which way? See here (yes, you have to click it tubelight). Now that you are back (I know you didn’t click the link but I will still continue to ramble, at least that it irritate the living hell out of you) you probably know what I am talking about here. Yes that’s right. My name, Pulkit, (Why do you even read this Blog?) is a term on Urban Dictionary and apparently has been since late 2008!

I give you yet another opportunity to go visit the page.

The reason I’m not copy pasting the definitions here is because:

  1. It’s way too flattering.
  2. It has stuff written which doesn’t go with the ethics of my Blog (just kidding, it’s got to do with my family members reading my shitty blog).

One of the entries (out of four):

1. Person having a cellulite ass, much better than Kim Kardashian’s.
2. A person who’s ass gets noticed first when he enters the room and people say “ooh Pullu’s here!”.
3. Any desperate hairy pudgy person who’s face turns red when you talk about his ass.
4. A person who believes that all the girls only notice him and no other boy.
5. A person who nearly got in the Dps Rkp*eeee* video.(Ask him, he’ll tell you a nice swell story)
6. A person who regularly gets on Dr. S.R Kale’s nerves.
Ooh da Pulkit is here!!!
Now I don’t care about either mine or Kim Kardashian’s ass but what the frikking hell is DPS RKPeeee doing in their?! I tell you, that school is everywhere. It freaks me out. I’m going to take an anti-ghost-school medicine till you ponder over the preposterous incident. Also, I am sorry about that road traffic thing.
PS: Actually, now that I did stumble upon this, I went over to Urban Dictionary and found that many of my friends names are also there as terms. I tried to submit PulkitKaushik (Courtesy: Rachit “The ultimate cool person, a unique creation of god” Agarwal) a few weeks back but it was rejected 🙁
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