The Photograph Which Blew Me

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Taken at Science City- Kolkata– with exposure set just a bit more than default and Image Stabilization turned on while the “scenery” mode had been chosen, this image just makes me go WOOT! It has been my wallpaper since the last 11 days. Yes, the image is not crystal clear with every detail one wants. Yes, it is has some oil marks on it but what might go unnoticed is the person that you see in left portion of the image. Though consoling her to stand in the way I wanted was no problem but getting the effect right took me 10 minutes. I don’t know whether you like this photograph or not but I’m in love with it. Given a better camera with a nice lens this photograph could have been more awesome (Barney Stinson style) 😉

If you also happen to like this photograph as much as I do (a little less will do) then click the image, save it on your hardisk and put it up as your wallpaper. Trust me, it will look nothing short of magnificent on your desktop.

UPDATE: This image also marks the end of photographs from Kolkata. Photographs from Andman And Nicobar will follow which will be divided into 3/4 posts.

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