is Down (19th October 2010)

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From what looks like, is down. I tried refreshing a number of times and also tried a hard refresh but it seems that the Evil Torent Tracker is down. I also checked on and it says that is infact down. Could it be because US is censoring the Internet?

Is Demonoid down for you too?

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UPDATE: Demonoid is live again. Perhaps the downtime was due to some server issues.

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    1. I was on it about a couple of hours ago than I got some antivirus 2010 trojan I think off one of the ads that scrolled (thank god for malwarebytes)– and now demonoid is down

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    1. Also down for me in MN, USA. I tried using proxy websites without any luck. Main page loads, but when I click on any link (such as FAQ, FORUMS, etc) the page loads blank. very frustrating!

  4. It's always possible, but I doubt it. ThePirateBay was down most of the day yesterday, but it's up again today. As much as it is annoying, I suspect Demonoid will be back again in a few hours, at most a few days.

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